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Tokyo property market set for Olympic bounce

Japanese media is full of speculation that Tokyo may trump the other shortlisted cities Istanbul and Madrid to host the  2020 Olympic Games.

Tuesday, 18 June, 2013, 9:26pm

Rich foreign investors drive up home prices in Vancouver, locking out locals

In parts of Vancouver an estimated 23 per cent of flats are empty because the buyers "are so rich they don't even care about the return on their investment". Photo: EPA

Vancouver has become such a popular destination for overseas investment that locals can scarcely afford the price of an average house in the city. And because many of the new flats in some areas are purchased by investors who then leave them empty, local businesses are having a hard time surviving.

12 Jun 2013 - 4:07am 1 comment

Soaring property prices leave central bank with interest rate rise dilemma

Rapidly rising home prices may stoke inflation. Photo: Bloomberg

Rising home prices will increase the pressure on the Reserve Bank of New Zealand to raise interest rates, finance minister Bill English says.

22 May 2013 - 3:51am

Vegas beats tough odds

Las Vegas, which was once considered 'ground zero ofthe housing bubble', has bounced back to become one of the hottest property markets in the US. Photo: Thinkstock

Buying real estate can be a gamble, but punters right now are betting on Las Vegas. The resort city posted the highest gains of all United States markets in the latest S&P/Case-Shiller index of property values, climbing another 2 per cent in February.

22 May 2013 - 4:22am

Population size is only one factor in influencing property prices

The notion that fewer people leads to lower property prices is not always destiny. Photo: Xinhua

During a recent discussion with business school students at Tsinghua University the question arose as to whether real estate prices would fall if populations began declining. This is certainly likely, yet it is still just one possibility, and the notion that fewer people leads to lower property prices is not always destiny.

1 May 2013 - 3:44am 1 comment

Highs and lows across the region

Despite its large economy, South Korea's property market lags behind others in the Asia-Pacific region. Photo: Getty Images

So much has happened in the "post-Lehman" years. Among the good news for Asia-Pacific is that regional property markets have recorded the highest growth globally since 2008, with Hong Kong leading the pack with 82.6 per cent growth, followed by India with 61.7 per cent, Taiwan with 56.1 per cent, and the mainland (based on Beijing and Shanghai) with 49.2 per cent, according to Knight Frank.

1 May 2013 - 3:44am

Swire Pacific eyes property expansion across region, says chairman

Christopher Pratt

In an interview with The South China Morning Post, Christopher Pratt said Swire was looking to expand its property investment footprint across China and Southeast Asia, and the firm had high hopes of Cathay Pacific's ties with shareholder Air China, which he felt would define this decade for the airline.

7 May 2015 - 4:04pm

Big banks worry as mortgage interest rate gaps opens with smaller lenders

The divide between lending rates at big and small banks means smaller operators can get more of a shrinking mortgage pie. Photo: Sam Tsang

Hong Kong's big banks are anxious to see smaller peers follow the rises in mortgage interest rates the largest operators announced earlier this month, after a gap opened up that could let smaller lenders poach business.

25 Mar 2013 - 5:38am

Exorbitant property prices reported in Beijing university district

A salesman is seen through advertisements of apartments for sale at a real estate agency in Beijing. Photo: Reuters

Property prices in Beijing’s secondary market have come under scrutiny once again after a tiny apartment in a university district recently listed a sell price of 3.5 million yuan (HK$4.4 million) - close to the very high levels in Hong Kong.

21 Mar 2013 - 11:29pm 1 comment

Taxation measures influence market

Policy measures relating to taxation and lending conditions can significantly influence buyers worldwide.

Policy measures relating to taxation and lending conditions can significantly influence buyers worldwide, including luxury home buyers, says Christie's International Real Estate.

20 Mar 2013 - 5:22am

New step may not help banks but it does hurt homebuyers

HSBC and Standard Chartered are charging a higher interest rate for new residential mortgage loans. Photo: Bloomberg

Wednesday's move by HSBC and Standard Chartered to raise the interest rates they charge on new mortgages was no surprise.

Bankers had warned an increase would be inevitable after the Hong Kong Monetary Authority last month ordered them to increase the amount of capital they hold against new residential mortgages to at least 15 per cent of the loans' value.

15 Mar 2013 - 4:37am 5 comments

Ho Man Tin luxury site attracts strong interest

The site at the junction of Sheung Lok Street and Sheung Shing Street in Ho Man Tin that is up for grabs. Photo: Nora Tam

A luxury residential site up for tender in Ho Man Tin that had a price tag of more than HK$11 billion put on it by land surveyors attracted six bids before the tender closed yesterday.

9 Mar 2013 - 5:28am

China demands property cooling policies be enforced

The State Council has asked banks to adhere to the mortgage loan and interest rate requirements for first-time homebuyers, as it seeks to keep home prices down. Photo: AFP

The State Council on Friday released guidelines instructing local governments to strictly follow policies introduced to cool the mainland's housing market.

2 Mar 2013 - 5:10am

Hong Kong must build housing for people, not just investors

Hong Kong must build housing for people, not just investors

It is becoming increasingly clear that while the government has something approaching a property policy, it has very little by way of a housing policy.

2 Mar 2013 - 3:30am 7 comments

Market forces mean home prices are likely to carry on climbing

When will prices stop rising? Don't hold your breath.

When will property prices stop rising? That was the question a colleague asked when she was editing my report about Hong Kong property prices setting new records on three consecutive weeks this month.

26 Feb 2013 - 4:38am 1 comment