Retirement protection

Scrap the MPF offset, which favours bosses unfairly

Leung Chun-ying's failure to reform the MPF scheme drew  protests during his recent policy address. Photo: Sam Tsang

On March 18, Hong Kong's lawmakers will debate the controversial mechanism under which a firm can use the employer's portion of contributions to the Mandatory Provident Fund to offset the severance or long-service fee when a worker leaves.

Monday, 10 March, 2014, 11:40pm 3 comments

Public will be consulted on pension, say ministers

Matthew Cheung Kin-chung. Photo: Edward Wong

With radical lawmakers mounting a filibuster of the budget bill to press the case for a universal pension scheme, government ministers yesterday said the public would be consulted soon on a retirement protection scheme.

12 May 2013 - 5:57am

One in three old people in Hong Kong are living below the poverty line

Poverty among the elderly is more severe in Hong Kong than in other developed economies. Photo: SCMP

The Hong Kong Council of Social Service, which has been tracking poverty in the city for 13 years, says the poverty problem will get even more acute unless it is tackled with long-term plans. The council's latest six-monthly report shows that one in three elderly people are living below the poverty line. It is the first time the number of poor elderly has edged above the 300,000 mark, to 305,000.

27 Jan 2013 - 9:38am 7 comments

Letters to the Editor, November 8, 2012

Lu Ping has criticised some protesters. Photo: SCMP

Former top official being unfair to city

Comments made by Lu Ping, former director of the Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office, are unfair to the city ("Love China or leave it, says Lu Ping", November 1).

8 Nov 2012 - 2:08am

Hong Kong's old folk get raw deal

It will take a lot more than financial help to cultivate genuine respect and consideration for our senior citizens.

I refer to your editorial ("Quit stalling on old-age plan", November 1) and join you in urging lawmakers to pass the bill on the Old Age Living Allowance to help the poor elderly in Hong Kong, but I think the means test for the elderly aged over 70 should be lifted.

The elderly in this city enjoy far less respect than their peers in other developed societies.

7 Nov 2012 - 4:33am 1 comment

How far should government intervention go to reduce poverty?

How far should government intervention go to reduce poverty?

The Old Age Living Allowance comes out of good intentions - the new government wants to do something to help our elderly living in poverty. But the means-testing of recipients has aroused fierce opposition, and the asset limit has also been criticised for being too low, thus screening out the deserving poor.

30 Oct 2012 - 3:04am 4 comments

Poverty commission must make most vulnerable their priority

Hong Kong must address the structural causes of poverty.

The preparatory task force for a Commission on Poverty has been working since July on the terms of reference and composition of the revived commission. Oxfam Hong Kong hopes the new commission will study the real causes of poverty and propose measures that will meet the needs of the poor.

24 Oct 2012 - 2:21am

Hong Kong workers to get control of their MPF cash

Hong Kong workers to get control of their MPF cash

Employees unhappy with returns on their Mandatory Provident Fund have the opportunity from next month to choose their provider. But the system is still far from perfect.

The MPF is aimed at providing retirement protection for the city's 2.35 million workers but the system from day one has been structured in a way that is employer driven instead of employee driven.

16 Oct 2012 - 7:33am