Why China gains from yuan revaluation

Many believe that if China revalues the yuan, with US$2.5 trillion in reserves, it will lose US$25 billion for every 1 per cent appreciation of the currency.

Monday, 29 March, 2010, 12:00am

Currency traders feel the pinch amid uncertainty

Currency exchange centres in Shenzhen were thrown into confusion after the revaluation of the yuan, but most visitors from Hong Kong shrugged off the impact.

Exchange centres outside the Lowu border checkpoints were quieter than usual yesterday and one shopkeeper said his business had dropped by half.

23 Jul 2005 - 12:00am

It's spending as usual for visiting shoppers

Thursday's revaluation appeared to have little impact on consumers, retailers or mainlanders visiting the city yesterday.

Eggs cost an extra cent or two at markets, but most other daily necessities were unaffected.

Zhu Zhi, 42, a visitor from Nanjing, was sightseeing in Causeway Bay when he heard of the revaluation.

23 Jul 2005 - 12:00am

The tiny but brave first step in a long and slow process

The tiny but brave first step in a long and slow process

Judging from the swift and largely positive international reaction, Beijing has made the right decision in revaluing the currency and ending its 10-year-old peg to the US dollar.

22 Jul 2005 - 12:00am

Revaluation carries risks, but so does delay

Speculation about a revaluation of the yuan has reached fever pitch in recent weeks. The guessing game is not so much about whether the mainland will make such a move - but when.

Some respected commentators boldly predicted that an upwards revaluation would take place yesterday, to coincide with an expansion of the mainland's domestic foreign exchange market. They were wrong.

19 May 2005 - 12:00am

Revaluation of yuan to push HSI past 18,000

The Hang Seng Index will reach 18,000 points in the first quarter of next year with major upside potential for property stocks as Hong Kong benefits from a significant revaluation of the yuan, according to Merrill Lynch.

5 Mar 2004 - 12:00am

Trade war

How should Beijing respond to the increased pressure from the US on trade issues? Allegations that China has not lived up to its commitments under the World Trade Organisation have followed calls for a revaluation of the yuan. Will Premier Wen Jiabao's pledge to buy more goods from the US help to stanch its anger? Share your views: write to us.

1 Nov 2003 - 12:00am

Estate residents demand new look at $20m contract

About 200 residents demonstrated at Wah Ming Estate, Fanling, to demand the revaluation of a $20 million maintenance contract and the right to choose the contractor themselves.

They said the owners' corporation had failed to consult them before tendering out the contract.

26 Aug 2002 - 12:00am

Onfem expects big losses

Onfem Holdings said that due to significant revaluation deficit, final results of the company and its subsidiaries for the year which ended on December 31 were expected to show 'considerable' losses.

17 Mar 1999 - 12:00am

Onfem takes property charge

A $143.8 million property revaluation loss forced Onfem Holdings to report a $136.34 million attributable loss for the six months to June, compared with $32.22 million profit in the year-earlier period. The revaluation loss came from its Onfem Tower on Wyndham Street in Central.

29 Sep 1998 - 12:00am

Tse Sui Luen assets $809m

AN independent survey has valued the net assets of Tse Sui Luen Jewellery (International) at $809 million at the end of February this year.

C Y Leung and Co, an independent professional surveyor, also found that its investment properties were worth $422 million and property revaluation reserves totalled $78 million.

28 Nov 1994 - 12:00am

Pay rise plea

IN his Budget speech, Sir Hamish Macleod revealed the completion of the property revaluation and suggested a rates cap of 20 per cent in increases in the next two years. He said the revaluation should not be interpreted as ''increases'' but only ''inflationary adjustment''.

14 Mar 1994 - 12:00am