Road accidents

Bus driver in the clear over deaths of cabbie, Heston Blumenthal sous-chefs

Heston Blumenthal

The driver of a double-decker bus that ploughed into a taxi last year, killing the driver and both his passengers, will not face prosecution. The passengers were chefs working for celebrity TV chef Heston Blumenthal.

Sunday, 19 May, 2013, 7:42am 2 comments

Strong winds wreak havoc across city

The truck driver suffered minor injuries to his face, hands and back and the left side of his vehicle was badly crushed. Photo: David Wong

A truck driver escaped serious injury when his vehicle was crushed by one of 10 shipping containers that tumbled from their stacks after being hit by strong winds in Tsing Yi yesterday.

1 May 2013 - 5:47am

India shocked as dying woman, child ignored in busy tunnel for 40 minutes

An accident victim in Jaipur, standing next to the bodies of his wife and daughter, consoles his son as vehicles pass by the scene of the accident without providing help. Photo: AFP

India embarked on another bout of soul-searching yesterday over a shocking video showing passers-by ignoring a man's pleas after his wife and daughter were killed in a road accident. CCTV footage surfaced on Monday showing him cradling his son next to his overturned motorbike and calling for help from other motorists as his wife and eight-month-old daughter lay bloodied on the road.

17 Apr 2013 - 3:13am 1 comment

Letters to the Editor, March 25, 2013

Pope Francis takes charge of a Vatican in crisis. Photo: AFP

John Charleston writes that North Korea is "safe" from American influence thanks to its military strength and nuclear weapons programme, while suggesting that the "right-wing" South China Morning Post is partly responsible for public opinion of the North Korean regime.

25 Mar 2013 - 2:37am

Freight truck crashes kill 19 in China

The road accident site on the expressway from Zhangzhou to Longyan in Nanjing County, Zhangzhou, east China's Fujian Province. Photo: Xinhua

Chinese state media say two accidents involving freight trucks have killed 19 people.

The official Xinhua News Agency said on Friday that a brake failure caused a semi-trailer loaded with cement crashing into a car, a bus and a truck on an expressway in southern Fujian province, killing 11 and injuring 35 others.

23 Mar 2013 - 12:10pm 1 comment

China Digest, March 4, 2013

A woman has been acquitted of charges that she stole books and statues from the home of Ji Xianlin, a famed linguist and professor of Peking University, a few months after his death in 2009, reports. 

4 Mar 2013 - 5:42am

Briefs, February 24, 2013

Pakistani Shiites yesterday demanded that the leader of a banned Sunni militant group be put on trial, a day after his arrest following deadly sectarian attacks in the city of Quetta.

24 Feb 2013 - 5:58am

China Digest, February 18, 2013

Sales of consumer goods totalled 1.7 billion yuan (HK$2.09 billion) for the week-long Lunar New Year holiday in Lanzhou, a 21 per cent increase from the holiday last year, Xinhua reports, citing figures from the municipal commerce bureau.

18 Feb 2013 - 4:57am

Briefs, February 12, 2013

Three people have so far died in clashes that erupted in Kashmir after parliament attack convict Muhammad Afzal Guru was executed in New Delhi. Photo: EPA

A British grandmother sentenced to death by firing squad for trafficking drugs into Indonesia lodged an appeal to the High Court. 

12 Feb 2013 - 7:07am

China Digest, February 8, 2013

The former party secretary of Chaohu's civil affairs bureau was sentenced to 10½ years in jail for embezzling 100,000 yuan (HK$124,400) from village coffers in 2005, when he was party chief of Zhonghan town. 

8 Feb 2013 - 4:43am

Briefs, February 3, 2013

More than 50 people have been killed on mainland roads in four major accidents since Friday, as hundreds of millions journey home for the upcoming Lunar New Year holiday.

3 Feb 2013 - 6:19am

Unlicensed driver arrested after crash, car chase

An unlicensed driver was arrested after his car crashed while fleeing from police in Tsim Sha Tsui on Thursday morning.

The Pakistani man, 29, was driving home in Hung Hom at the time of the incident, shortly before 3am, in a car owned by his friend, police said. He had attended a drug party in Tsim Sha Tsui before going home, they said.

31 Jan 2013 - 3:54pm

China Digest, January 28, 2013

A woman was hit and killed by a train while crossing railroad tracks near the Lishui Bridge subway station in Beijing on Saturday, The Beijing News reports.

28 Jan 2013 - 5:59am

City Digest, January 28, 2013

Four mainland tourists, aged 28 to 42, were arrested for fighting in a public place after a brawl broke out over lunch seating in a Hung Hom restaurant yesterday. 

28 Jan 2013 - 6:36am

Briefs, January 24, 2013

General Qi Jianguo, Deputy Chief of Staff of China's military, attends a meeting in Phnom Penh to close a deal involving 12 helicopters.

Fourteen people were killed and 33 injured yesterday when a bus plunged off the side of a mountain in western Myanmar, police said. The vehicle was travelling from Yangon to Thandwe in Rakhine.

24 Jan 2013 - 5:54am