Road Pricing

Road pricing is the best way to go

Traffic is heavily congested from Central to Hong Kong Island east. Photo: Ricky Chung

All too often we are reminded of worsening congestion or pollution on our roads. The latest example concerns both.

Tuesday, 11 June, 2013, 1:43am 3 comments

Letters to the Editor, May 24, 2013

Officials should consider road pricing. Photo: SCMP Pictures

Driving in rain without lights breaks the law

On Wednesday, despite the black rainstorm warning, many drivers, including bus, minibus and taxi drivers, were driving without lights.

Many more were driving with only parking lights, so called because that is all they are intended for.

24 May 2013 - 5:22am 1 comment

Hong Kong needs more roads to cope with car growth

Gathering Speed

Private car ownership in Hong Kong is outpacing the expansion of roads and private car mileage has risen above the average vehicle mileage over the past decade, Transport Department figures revealed.

The findings prompted a leading transport economist to renew his call for the introduction of road pricing measures.

4 May 2013 - 5:40am 1 comment

What other cities charge

Singapore charges between S$0.25 and S$10 (HK$1.40 to HK$56) per road Monday to Saturday from 7am to 10.30pm. Rates change every 20 minutes.

London charges GBP8 (HK$125) to enter the city centre between 7am and 6pm on weekdays and 6pm to 7am at weekends and holidays. Discounts are offered to some categories of driver.

30 Mar 2008 - 12:00am

People's views on a congestion charge

It's 15 degrees Celsius on Hoi Kwong Street and, with his door open and engine idling, shuttle bus driver Cheung Ho-cheun keeps the air conditioning pumping while he waits for passengers.

17 Feb 2008 - 12:00am

Road pricing stuck in the slow lane

It's been five years since London Mayor Ken Livingstone set up the British capital's congestion charge system - a levy on private vehicles coming into the city centre - in a bid to improve air quality and to reduce traffic.

17 Feb 2008 - 12:00am

Car ownership growth clogging HK's roads

Surge in private vehicles worsening congestion

Hong Kong's roads are becoming more congested as private car ownership surges.

The total number of vehicles registered rose by 9,226 in the first nine months this year to 618,821 - up from 609,595 in the whole of last year.

This is the sharpest rise in vehicle registrations in the past five years.

11 Nov 2007 - 12:00am

Government's efforts to reduce car ownership are outdated

Given that the government is continuing to ignore the importance of introducing road pricing to the clotted arterial thoroughfares of our great city, it may be worth considering how wide of the mark officials are with their policies towards private motoring.

27 Apr 2007 - 12:00am