Robert Zoellick

Quotes of the week

I'm an unbounded admirer of this prime minister

Bob Carr, Australia's new foreign minister, after his appointment by prime minister Julia Gillard

As China's leaders know, the current economic growth model is unsustainable

Sunday, 4 March, 2012, 12:00am

Protester shouts down zoellick

A man disrupted a press conference by World Bank president Robert Zoellick in Beijing yesterday to protest against recommendations that the government reduce its intervention in the economy and encourage private participation.

29 Feb 2012 - 12:00am

Who said it?

We've taken too soft an attitude towards people that loot and pillage their own community

British Prime Minister David Cameron commenting on the London riots

They say to me ... it's too expensive

14 Aug 2011 - 12:00am

Zoellick plays down GDP errors

World Bank president Robert Zoellick admitted yesterday that the World Bank had consistently exaggerated the size of the mainland economy but said the error should have no policy repercussions.

19 Dec 2007 - 12:00am

Bush banks on Mr Fixit

Exceptional diplomatic skills were high on US President George W. Bush's wish list as he went shopping for a new leader of the troubled World Bank.

His choice had to be someone who could build bridges and restore confidence in the global lender after the two tumultuous years of Paul Wolfowitz's tenure.

2 Jun 2007 - 12:00am

China's welcome moderation

China used to be thought of as no more than a regional power - albeit an important one. Now, it's increasingly being treated as a world power whose influence can be brought to bear either for good or ill in such areas as Iran, Iraq, other parts of the Middle East, Afghanistan and Sudan.

9 Aug 2006 - 12:00am

US' China policy will survive Zoellick resignation: analysts

But doubts over his successor will cloud implementation of 'stakeholder' strategy

The resignation of US Deputy Secretary of State Robert Zoellick, a leading architect of Washington's China policy, is unlikely to affect bilateral ties, according to mainland analysts.

21 Jun 2006 - 12:00am

What strategic ambiguity?

For decades, the United States has practised a policy of 'strategic ambiguity' about what its response would be if conflict broke out in the Taiwan Strait.

12 Jun 2006 - 12:00am

More co-operation key to building trust: US official

Beijing and Washington must co-operate more to minimise friction as the mainland becomes more prominent on the world stage, US Deputy Secretary of State Robert Zoellick said last night.

3 Aug 2005 - 12:00am


'We have been patient but our patience is wearing thin'

US Commerce Secretary Don Evans - yesterday

'China's current trade practices are exploiting our open markets and are creating an unfair advantage that is undercutting American workers'

Don Evans - October 26

29 Oct 2003 - 12:00am

Partners in peace

Flash back to 1989. Japan's trade surplus with the United States is about US$50 billion. US officials rail at Japanese structural impediments, and some US congressmen take more direct methods, smashing Japanese-made goods.

23 Feb 2003 - 12:00am

Trade negotiations

Robert Zoellick, the United States Trade Representative, looked pleased. After two years of talks with Singapore to forge a free-trade agreement, the end was in sight - or so it seemed.

3 Dec 2002 - 12:00am

Symbolic ties bind two men of the moment

The two most senior Chinese officials at the historic ceremony that brought China into the WTO wore gold and red ties.

'One is the red of China and the Communist Party, the other is the wealth that membership will bring,' whispered a delegate watching the two men who sat in the front row of the packed hall in the Sheraton Hotel.

11 Nov 2001 - 12:00am