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'Agony' over policeman's death

Disgruntled chicken transporter Lau Yuk-tong, whose rush-hour protest in Central yesterday ended in the death of police officer Lau Chi-kin, apologised yesterday afternoon as the realisation sunk in that he would have to live with the tragic consequences of his actions f

Thursday, 16 June, 2011, 12:00am

Ex-officer helps clear sergeant of abuse claim

A former police superintendent turned lawyer has defended a fellow officer against abuse allegations made by a taxi driver, and shed tears after winning the case yesterday.

'Bad cops should be charged and good cops should be helped. In this case, [the driver] obviously wanted to frame him,' Peter Chow Pak-chu said outside Eastern Court.

30 Jul 2009 - 12:00am

Jaywalker who caused accident acquitted due to wrongly laid charge

An erroneous charge filed by a police sergeant led to the acquittal of a jaywalker who caused minor injuries to a motorcyclist, it was revealed yesterday.

28 Mar 2008 - 12:00am

Policeman's death 'not linked to shooting'

Widow breaks down after inquest ruling

The wife of a policeman, who died weeks after suffering gunshot wounds while on duty, wept hysterically yesterday after hearing an inquest jury rule that he died from natural causes.

14 Sep 2007 - 12:00am

Wounds 'could have been factor' in death

A professor told an inquest yesterday he believed that gunshot wounds suffered by a police sergeant weeks before his death might have been 'one of the important factors' and 'indirectly linked' to his fatal collapse on a jogging track last year.

13 Sep 2007 - 12:00am

Only trained people would know how to remove gun, says sergeant

Only those trained in the technique would know how to pull a revolver from a police officer's holster, the Coroner's Court was told yesterday.

28 Feb 2007 - 12:00am

Aluminium foil used to fool scanners

Three men from Mongolia used two homemade aluminium foil-lined bags to prevent scanners from detecting security tags on goods they stole from three shops in the IFC shopping mall in Central yesterday.

The men, aged between 44 and 50, were tailed by police after they were seen acting suspiciously at the corner of Nathan Road and Peking Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, at 1.30pm.

8 Feb 2007 - 12:00am

City Briefs

Father rescues daughter from suicide attempt

21 Jun 2006 - 12:00am

Motorcycle officer gradually improving

The condition of police sergeant Lo Chi-cheung, critically injured in the Ngau Tau Kok blast, improved to stable yesterday.

Commissioner of Police Dick Lee Ming-kwai visited Sergeant Lo, 35, at United Christian Hospital. He stayed in the ward for about 10 minutes.

13 Apr 2006 - 12:00am

Sued detective recounts fatal gunshot

A police officer being sued for the shooting death of a van driver has recounted again the circumstances leading up the discharge of his gun.

Detective Sergeant Choi Hok-yin, along with the secretary for justice, is being sued for just over $1 million by Lam Kang, whose son Lam Cho-kin, 24, died after being shot in the neck in 2001.

23 Mar 2006 - 12:00am

I spotted model's skeleton right away, says sergeant

A police officer yesterday told the inquest into the death of model Annie Pang Chor-ying that he could see her skeleton immediately on entering her bedroom in the flat she rented from lawyer John Fang Meng-sang.

9 Mar 2006 - 12:00am


1995: Graduated from the police training school and joined the patrol sub-unit

1996: Moved to the police tactical unit

1997: Moved to the patrol sub-unit and miscellaneous enquiry sub-unit

2002: Moved back to the police tactical unit and won the Best Police Constable of Platoon award

5 Oct 2005 - 12:00am

Duty officer 'thought woman not in danger'

But training officer is critical of decision to refuse mother's request for an escort

A Tin Shui Wai police sergeant refused to assign an escort for Kim Shuk-ying on the day she and her two daughters were stabbed to death because he thought she was not in immediate danger, the Coroner's Court heard yesterday.

26 Aug 2005 - 12:00am


1976: Joined the police force as a constable

1978: Moved to the Identification Bureau (IB)

1983: Became the first woman sergeant in IB

1989: Became the first woman fingerprint expert in Hong Kong

2005: Helped with the identification process in Phuket after the Asian tsunami

29 Apr 2005 - 12:00am

City briefs

Police vehicle bursts into flames in Tsuen Wan

A traffic police vehicle on patrol in Tsuen Wan burst into flames after its engine overheated. The driver, a 48-year-old sergeant, pulled over after smoke began billowing from the front of the vehicle on Wai Tsuen Road at 7.30am. No one was injured.

driver found dead in bus

16 Sep 2004 - 12:00am