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Huishang Bank targets US$1b IPO in Hong Kong

Huishang Bank targets US$1b IPO in Hong Kong

Huishang Bank has joined the queue of companies seeking an initial public offering (IPO) in Hong Kong while the gate for listing in the A-share market remains closed.

Friday, 7 June, 2013, 3:46am

Why it's worth anticipating the next great bull market in China stocks

Why it's worth anticipating the next great bull market in China stocks

It might sound counter-intuitive, but international investors are getting increasingly excited about the performance prospects of China's onshore stock markets.

25 Apr 2013 - 5:29am

Talking points

Leslie Cheung lives 10 years on

Fans of Leslie Cheung Kwok-wing commemorate the 10th anniversary of his death at various events. Among the highlights is a 20th anniversary charity screening of Farewell My Concubine - which brought Cheung international acclaim for his portrayal of a gay opera singer - at the Sunbeam Theatre in North Point. 

1 Apr 2013 - 3:00am

Investors may take risky path, says UBS

Investors may consider increasing riskier investments like stocks when inflationary pressure is mounting. Photo: EPA

Investors might consider adopting a riskier strategy in the second quarter, investment bank UBS said yesterday.

It said it expected the rebound in the A-share market to be sustainable owing to the economic recovery on the mainland.

Gao Ting, the chief China strategist at UBS, said the bank had overweighted the US and emerging markets, including the A-share market.

22 Mar 2013 - 4:19am

Uneven economic recovery dashes hopes for big rally in mainland China stocks

The mainland's stock market was among the world's worst performers last year, with the Shanghai Composite Index gaining a mere 3.17 per cent. Photo: AP

The performance of mainland stocks was expected to improve with the economic recovery, but a strong rally could be ruled out, said Yu Gesheng, a vice-chairman of the National Council for Social Security Fund, which has 890 billion yuan (HK$1.1 trillion) of assets under management.

13 Mar 2013 - 5:45am

CSRC chief assures fair deal for Hong Kong investors

Guo Shuqing. Photo: Simon Song

China Securities Regulatory Commission chief Guo Shuqing said residents of Hong Kong, Taiwan or Macau living on the mainland will enjoy equal treatment to mainlanders when they invest in the A-share market.

11 Mar 2013 - 4:29am

Physical ETFs trailing their synthetic peers

Physical ETFs trailing their synthetic peers

Physically backed A-share exchange-traded funds were the biggest innovation in the local funds market last year. The fund improved access to mainland-listed stocks. In particular, providers said they were cheaper and safer than synthetic A-share ETFs, which use derivatives.

11 Mar 2013 - 4:34am

Mainland China allows residents from Hong Kong and Taiwan to trade A shares

Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau residents living in mainland will be allowed to open domestic trading accounts from April 1. Photo: AP

The rule, which takes effect on April 1, will allow them to open accounts for yuan-denominated stocks, or A shares, according to a statement on the website of China Securities Depository and Clearing Corp.

10 Mar 2013 - 8:55am

Mainland stocks still look attractive

Mainland stocks are still attractive to investors. Photo: AP

The mainland's A shares are still among the most attractive in Asia-Pacific even after a strong rebound over the past three months, given their low valuations and big re-rating potential following key political conferences next month, according to Allianz Global Investors.

21 Feb 2013 - 6:07am

Profits dampener for mainland IPOs

Nearly a third of the companies that launched offerings last year would report earnings drops. Photo: Xinhua

Data from information provider Hexin Flush Information Network shows firms that listed last year had unexpectedly lacklustre earnings for the year.

31 Jan 2013 - 5:20am

Bigger QFII quotas unlikely to draw investors

Bigger QFII quotas unlikely to draw investors

Beijing's expansion of quotas for foreign institutional investors may not be the magic potion that will revive the A-share market, market players have warned.

While the door may be open wider for capital flows from abroad, they questioned whether the equity markets are attractive enough to lure a greater influx.

17 Jan 2013 - 4:19am

Cyclically bullish on China's market but a structural bear

Cyclically bullish on China's market but a structural bear

Acouple of days ago, Monitor peered into its crystal ball and argued that the month-old rally in mainland stock markets looks set to continue.

The prediction was based on a look at the amount of liquidity sloshing around China's financial system.

11 Jan 2013 - 3:56am 1 comment

How to make money in 2013: just go with the liquidity flow

Follow the money

What would you like to read about in the paper?" I asked my esteemed colleague Lai See the other day.

"How to make money this year," came his curt reply.

Of course, how to make money in 2013 is what everyone wants to know. Happily there are a few pointers out there.

9 Jan 2013 - 3:38am 1 comment

Green is good, as long as taxes are not in the red

Shanghai Stock Exchange

It's always interesting and sometimes surprising to see what drives policy in Hong Kong. Take the story in yesterdays' SCMP about car dealers asking the government for more time to clear their stock of green vehicles before more stringent regulations are introduced.

9 Jan 2013 - 3:38am

Warrant demand to rise this year

After lukewarm trading in 2012, warrant issuance in Hong Kong is expected to increase this year as capital flows into the equity market in the wake of the mainland economic recovery.

Warrant transactions fell 37 per cent year on year to HK$6.6 billion per day last year while the trading volume of the overall stock market in Hong Kong fell 22 per cent to HK$53.7 billion daily.

8 Jan 2013 - 4:21am