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Letters to the Editor, December 5, 2012

Legco needs to focus on election reform

As a former legislative councillor, I find it difficult nowadays to explain to visiting friends that the legislature is becoming unbalanced because many lawmakers seem excessively tied down by two issues.

Wednesday, 5 December, 2012, 3:10am 3 comments

SlutWalk protests need to consider common sense

"SlutWalk" is a contentious name for a campaign, but it is provocative for good reason: what a woman wears, where she goes and how she behaves is never justification for rape or sexual harassment.

29 Nov 2012 - 3:14am 3 comments

March challenges bias about rape victims

Hundreds of conservatively dressed men and women marched yesterday in "SlutWalk", a protest against social attitudes that blame victims of sexual assault for being attacked.

Some wore full-body fluorescent suits and held signs saying, "Oh sorry, does my dress make you feel like a rapist today?"

26 Nov 2012 - 4:23am 1 comment

SlutWalk march challenges attitude to rape that blames victim

With cases of indecent assault climbing in the city, this Sunday's "SlutWalk" march will challenge social attitudes that blame the victims for being attacked.

The event was sparked by a Canadian police officer's remark in January of last year that "women should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimised".

23 Nov 2012 - 3:17am 1 comment