Man found dead in jaws of python

A MAN searching for his brother on a rubber plantation near Segamat in southern-central Malaysia found him being swallowed by a large python.

Thursday, 7 September, 1995, 12:00am

Canteen's slithery customer

Snake's alive . . . snake-catcher Chau Kar-ling removes a two-metre python found curled around a plank on the roof of a temporary canteen on a construction site in Ma On Shan yesterday. It was motionless, and believed to be resting after a 'full meal'.

28 Jul 1995 - 12:00am

Mice smuggled

A MAN has been charged with importing 340 hairless baby mice that he planned to use as snake food. A menagerie of mice, snakes, a tortoise, frogs and lizards were discovered when the man's vehicle was stopped at Man Kam To.

18 May 1995 - 12:00am

Snake sales crisis rattles merchants

SNAKE merchants say they are on the slippery slope to bankruptcy and warm weather, poor quality meat and a rising awareness of nutrition could be to blame.

Consumption of snakes - usually in soup - has dropped to its lowest level in decades, said Ching Pui, chairman of the Hong Kong and Kowloon Snake Merchants' Association.

16 Nov 1994 - 12:00am

Pipe python in the doghouse

THE two-metre-long python that was stuck in a pipe in Ap Lei Chau was unharmed and resting yesterday in its temporary accommodation in a government kennel before its release into the wild.

Kennel staff said the huge reptile was a little sullen and showed signs of impatience due to its loss of freedom.

21 Oct 1994 - 12:00am

Rattled by snakes

WHO is responsible for dealing with snakes in the home in Hong Kong (the reptile variety that is)? Not a common complaint I expect, but a nuisance nevertheless.

28 Jul 1994 - 12:00am

Cobras seized

CUSTOMS officers seized 16 protected live Asiatic cobras from a passenger arriving at Lowu on Tuesday afternoon. The snakes, destined for hotpots, were found in a canvas bag covered by vegetables. The passenger, aged 29, was arrested and handed over to Agriculture and Fisheries Department staff for follow up action.

6 Jan 1994 - 12:00am

Youngsters charmed by exotic snake dishes

YOUNG people enjoy tucking into snakes and soft-shelled turtles as much as their elders do, a survey shows.

A report to be released at the end of the month by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), says that the number of people who eat exotic wildlife is spread across all age groups.

8 Jun 1993 - 12:00am