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  • Sep 3, 2014
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Stage Lighting Instrument

City's event to shine brightly

Visitors to the spring HKTDC Hong Kong International Lighting Fair could be forgiven for thinking they have dropped in on a famous artist's exhibition, or that they are getting a sneak peek into a hi-tech home of the future.

Friday, 6 April, 2012, 12:00am

Three zones

A guide on how to create these looks at home - no professionals required

Workaholic's Zen Zone

27 Mar 2008 - 12:00am

Light it right

Several countries have begun to introduce rules to control outdoor lighting including Chile, Australia, Canada, Greece, Italy and the Czech Republic. The town of Bisei in Okayama prefecture was the first in Japan to introduce curbs through a 1989 ordinance. In the US, several states, towns and major cities have introduced anti-light pollution laws.

17 Mar 2008 - 12:00am

Let the light shine through

Most of us don't think twice when buying a lamp, we simply choose the one that fits our budget. In the grand scheme of interior decoration, lighting is an afterthought. Indeed, say the experts, no one really wants to spend money on lighting at all.

16 Jan 2008 - 12:00am