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  • Aug 21, 2014
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Standard Chartered Bank

Standard Chartered is headquartered in London, but around 90 per cent of its profits come from Africa, Asia and the Middle East as of 2012. Its name is derived from the two banks from which it was formed in a merger in 1969: The Chartered Bank of India, Australia and China, and Standard Bank of British South Africa.

Standard Chartered ‘close’ to settlement with New York regulator

Standard Chartered is close to a deal to resolve allegations by New York’s banking regulator that it failed to review high-risk transactions.

Tuesday, 19 August, 2014, 10:55am

HSBC and StanChart pin growth hopes on rate rises

Sit tight, investors. That seems to be the message from Standard Chartered and HSBC Holdings after the two banks posted disappointing, albeit widely anticipated, declines in profits last week.

12 Aug 2014 - 6:06pm

Standard Chartered first-half profits plummet 20pc

Standard Chartered chief executive Peter Sands pledged the bank will perform better in the second half of 2014 after its interim first-half earnings report showed pre-tax profits tumbling 20 per cent.

7 Aug 2014 - 9:29am 1 comment

StanChart sues over metal fraud claims

Standard Chartered is suing Chen Jihong, the owner of a metals trading company at the centre of a loan fraud investigation on the mainland, for US$35.6 million the bank says it is owed under a loan agreement.

15 Jul 2014 - 1:31am 1 comment

Standard Chartered hit by weakness in Asian currencies

Standard Chartered's first-quarter operating profit fell by a "high single-digit percentage", the bank said yesterday, amid weakness in emerging-market currencies and its financial markets business.

9 May 2014 - 1:14am

If StanChart doesn't want us, why keep inviting us?

We are beginning to feel that in a previous life we must have done something bad to Standard Chartered Bank. Why otherwise would they have devised the mild but persistent form of torment it annually inflicts on Lai See.

20 Jun 2013 - 3:53am 2 comments

Time to buy, StanChart tells local bargain-hunters

The time is ripe for mid-term investors to find some bargains on the local stock market, now that a significant pullback since the beginning of this year has made shares fairly cheap, Standard Chartered Bank says. 

12 Apr 2013 - 5:43am

Property firms take hit from rate rise

Shares of Hong Kong developers fell yesterday after three major banks raised mortgage rates by 25 basis points amid mounting risk in the property market.

15 Mar 2013 - 4:37am

Small banks may gain from rate wait

The latest increase in mortgage rates in more than a year may offer some small banks a rare opportunity to grab a greater market share if they continue to hold their rates for some time.

15 Mar 2013 - 5:31am

Standard Chartered keen to grow branch numbers on mainland China

Peter Sands, the chief executive of the British bank, said the mainland would be one of the drivers for the group in the coming years.

14 Mar 2013 - 7:47am