Starbucks is a global coffee company founded in 1971 in Seattle, Washington, as a roaster and retailer of whole bean and ground coffee, tea and spices. Today it is the largest coffeehouse company in the world, with 20,366 stores in 61 countries. Starbucks went public on June 26, 1992 at a price of $17 per share (or $0.53 per share, adjusted for subsequent stock splits) and closed trading that first day at $21.50 per share. Starbucks Corporation's common stock is listed on NASDAQ, under the trading symbol SBUX. 


Hong Kong wakes up to celebrate a life full of beans

THERE IS A lot more to selling a cup of coffee in Hong Kong than you might imagine. Walk into a coffee shop, and you not only pay for the coffee, milk and sugar, but also the rental time in a big comfy armchair, access to today's newspapers and a chance to meet with fellow coffee addicts.