China to buy Lada-class subs, Su-35 fighters from Russia

Chinese State Councilor Chang Wanquan (left), who is also the Defence Minister of China, meets with Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu in Moscow on Sunday. Photo: Xinhua

China has signed an agreement with Russia to buy 24 Sukhoi Su-35 fighter jets and four Lada-class submarines in its biggest weapons purchase from Moscow in a decade, state media reported.

Wednesday, 27 March, 2013, 2:00am 6 comments

China's submarines will soon carry nukes, draft US report says

A Chinese Navy submarine attends an international fleet review to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the founding of the People's Liberation Army Navy. Photo: AFP

China appears to be within two years of deploying submarine-launched nuclear weapons, adding a new leg to its nuclear arsenal that should lead to arms-reduction talks, a draft report by a congressionally mandated US commission says.

8 Nov 2012 - 6:34pm

Vessel plumbs new depths

China's state-of-the-art manned submersible, Jiaolong, dived to a depth of 6,965 metres at the Mariana Trench in the western Pacific and returned safely to the surface late yesterday afternoon with samples of water and sea life.

20 Jun 2012 - 12:00am

Guam is showcase for U.S. 'pivot'

For all the heated talk of the US military's strategic 'pivot' to the region, the scene in Guam's Apra Harbour over recent days is a reminder that the shift has been well under way for some time.

17 Jun 2012 - 12:00am

Deep sea diving

A little ship that can go under water has made its deepest dive ever. The deep-sea submersible Jiaolong is made in China. On Thursday morning it reached a depth of 5,115 metres. That is the deepest dive China has ever made.

These little submarines are used by scientists to explore the ocean floor. They have to be specially built to survive high pressure.

3 Aug 2011 - 12:00am

Aquanauts take one giant step for China

The second dive to 5,000 metres will begin at 1.30am, July 26. China Central Television will have a live broadcast.

Please don't watch.

31 Jul 2011 - 12:00am

Das Boot

Starring: Jurgen Prochnow Director: Wolfgang Petersen Year of original release: 1981

The film

Das Boot (The Boat) was produced at a cost of US$12 million. By Hollywood standards that's a small sum, but in Germany its cost made the film the most expensive movie of its time. It went on to reap worldwide success.

12 Jan 2011 - 12:00am

Pentagon's mention of new sub surprises analysts

If not quite yet the next Hunt for Red October, the prospects for a new generation of Chinese nuclear-powered attack submarines are exercising the minds of analysts now scrutinising the People's Liberation Army's naval build-up.

23 Aug 2010 - 12:00am

As China puts its naval might on display, Hu renews peace pledge

China held its first multinational naval parade yesterday to mark the 60th anniversary of the founding of the PLA Navy, with some of its advanced warships on public display for the first time.

24 Apr 2009 - 12:00am

Will it be the older model or the new submarine?

Speculation is swirling around the type of nuclear submarine that will emerge in tomorrow's naval parade.

In recent days, the mainland media has made an all-out effort to find out the exact model that will be on show after a senior naval official announced the participation of a stealth warhead-bearer.

22 Apr 2009 - 12:00am

Slice of Life

From the South China Morning Post this week in: 1952

A furious battle between men and fish raged as wave after wave of tiny herring swam to their death in a Long Island power plant, in New York, threatening to cut off electricity to 500,000 persons in three counties.

Herrings by the millions started menacing the cold water intake equipment just a week ago.

4 Dec 2007 - 12:00am

Nuclear submarine disaster

The Kursk submarine disaster in the Barents Sea last month, in which its entire 118-strong crew was killed, was the worst submarine accident in Russian naval history.

19 Sep 2000 - 12:00am

Substandard appearance raises cosmetic curiosity

Seafarers could have been forgiven yesterday for thinking a battle-scarred survivor of some colossal conflict had anchored in the western harbour near Lantau Island.

The Royal Navy submarine HMS Trenchant steamed in with blotchy markings down the sides of its hull, which were actually missing tiles.

14 May 1997 - 12:00am

US nuclear sub hit by container ship near Waglan

A UNITED States nuclear-powered attack submarine which may have been armed with nuclear weapons has been involved in a collision with a cargo vessel in Hong Kong waters, it emerged yesterday.

The Marine Department has launched an inquiry into the incident and asked the commander of the submarine USS Drum to submit a full report.

23 Mar 1995 - 12:00am