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Signs of Life

Signs of Life by Anna Raverat MacMillan (e-book)

Sunday, 6 May, 2012, 12:00am

BOOK (1968)

The Iron Man by Ted Hughes Faber & Faber

How's this for heavy metal? The late Ted Hughes' wondrous prose-poem for children begins with the titular Iron Man standing on the brink of a cliff: 'How far had he walked? Nobody knows. Where had he come from? Nobody knows. How was he made? Nobody knows.'

17 Jul 2011 - 12:00am

And another thing

THERE ARE MANY reasons to see Xiaolu Guo at the 2007 Man Hong Kong International Literary Festival, not least because the poet, novelist and filmmaker has produced one of the most distinctive and memorable novels of the year so far. Her first book in English, A Concise Chinese-English Dictionary For Lovers explores what it is to be lost in translation, and what can be gained, too.

18 Mar 2007 - 12:00am



Starring: Gwyneth Paltrow, Daniel Craig, Jared Harris

Director: Christine Jeffs

Category: IIB

24 Jun 2004 - 12:00am

Fox helps poet write

In this week's Poetry on Air, we will pay a tribute to Ted Hughes, the British Poet Laureate who died recently.

The programme will be broadcast on RTHK Radio 4 at 10.05 am today, repeated at 6.30 pm tomorrow.

The 'Poet Laureate' is the most honoured living poet in Britain, who may be asked to write poetry for great public occasions.

16 Nov 1998 - 12:00am

Poems tell darkest secrets

You speak English and Cantonese and probably some Mandarin, but which language do you dream in? Which language do you choose to write in? These questions introduce us to confessional poetry, the subject of this week's Poetry On The Air , which can be heard on RTHK's Radio 4 at 10.05 am today and repeated at 6.30 pm tomorrow.

6 Jul 1998 - 12:00am