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  • Mar 28, 2015
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Tamil People

Sri Lanka has to change its approach

Sri Lanka's government terms the complexes it has set up for the hundreds of thousands of Tamils displaced by the just-ended civil war 'welfare villages'.

Monday, 25 May, 2009, 12:00am

Suicide highlights cruelty of A grade fight

Subashini Sinnappan, 12, returned home from school in northern Penang state on Monday, tied a blanket around a ceiling fan and hanged herself in a tragedy that has saddened Malaysia and sparked a debate over what one newspaper described as 'the annual battle for As'.

24 Nov 2007 - 12:00am

Malaysian activist is sticking to his guns

A prominent rights lawyer has publicly applied for a gun permit in gun-shy Malaysia after alleging that policemen angered by his rights campaign are out to get him.

P. Uthayakumar, 42, cited two incidents in support of his application: one where unknown persons pointed a gun in his face and assaulted him and another where his car was smashed with a sledgehammer.

20 May 2004 - 12:00am

Scavenging tin cans funds runaways' jaunt

Two young Hong Kong runaways went on a five-day junk food spree that they funded by re-selling used tin cans and waste paper.

Yip Ka-wai, nine, and Tong Hiu-fat, eight, disappeared nearly two weeks ago, sparking fears they had been kidnapped.

7 Mar 1997 - 12:00am

Better communication essential

A NUMBER of students have committed suicide while some younger children have become victims of accidents in the home, owing to their parents' negligence or carelessness.

17 Apr 1993 - 12:00am