Temasek Holdings

Temasek Holdings is an investment company owned by the government of Singapore. With an international staff of 380 people, it manages a portfolio of about S$193 billion (US$157 billion) at end of March 2011, focused primarily in Asia. It is an active shareholder and investor in financial services, telecommunications & media, technology, transportation, industrials, lifesciences, consumer, real estate, energy & resources.
Temasek is one of a few global firms with the highest corporate credit ratings by both Standard & Poor's and Moody's, of AAA and Aaa respectively. It has also attained perfect scores quarterly on the "Transparency Index for Sovereign wealth funds", a measure of the openness of government-owned investment funds.

Temasek made new investments of S$30 billion in the year to the end of March. Photo: AFP

Temasek upbeat on China as portfolio jumps by a fifth to record

Singapore state investment firm Temasek said the value of its portfolio jumped by almost a fifth to a record S$266 billion (HK$1.52 trillion) last financial year on the back of a surge in Chinese bank stocks and added it was confident in China’s long-term economic outlook.

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