A plateau region north-east of the Himalayas, Tibet was incorporated by China in 1950 and currently an autonomous region within China. The conflict between many Tibetans and Chinese government has been nonstop as many demand religious freedom and more human rights. In March, 2008, a series of protests turned into riots in different regions across Tibet. Rioters attacked Han ethnic inhabitants and burned their businesses, resulting dozens of death.  

The fire last weekend at Jokhang Temple in the Tibetan capital Lhasa was not caused by arson, local police said. Photo: Weibo

Blaze at Tibet’s most sacred temple not caused by arson, police say

A preliminary investigation into the cause of last weekend’s fire at Jokhang Temple in Tibet has ruled out arson, according to a state media report citing local authorities, which also confirmed that all of the monastery’s prized relics had escaped unscathed.