Toyota Motor is the largest carmaker in the world. Founded in 1937, it makes some of the world’s most popular vehicles, including the Corolla and Camry. It also has a luxury brand, Lexus, and majority stakes in truckmaker Hino, compact carmaker Daihatsu, and 16.66 per cent of Fuji Heavy Industries, which makes the popular all-wheel drive Subarus.

As corporate misdemeanours have shown time and again, customers are willing to forgive and forget if they see visible, quantifiable change after a scandal. They demand that those in charge take responsibility.

Opinion: There is life after a scandal for the atoning miscreant

Now that the dust has begun to settle, does it mean that United Airlines has been mortally wounded by the fiasco surrounding the forcible ejection of a fare-paying customer from one of its flights?

Many people took to the internet to declare that they will never, ever fly with United.