US Navy SEAL in bin Laden raid unit becomes transgender 'Warrior Princess'

Kristin Beck, the transgender Navy SEAL who has gone public in a new book. Photo: SCMP Pictures

A decorated former US Navy SEAL is now living life as a woman after having hormone therapy and has revealed her transgender identity in a new memoir titled Warrior Princess.

Friday, 7 June, 2013, 11:18am

Concerned about court's decision

Reporters crowd around a speakerphone as they listen to the transgender woman, identified only as W, after she won a legal ruling at Hong Kong's top court allowing her to marry. Photo: AP

Your editorial refers to the Court of Final Appeal's verdict that Hong Kong's marriage laws are unconstitutional, because they bar transsexuals from marrying. Before offending a majority or a minority, this legal decision offends human nature itself, a human nature shared by the majority and minorities.

22 May 2013 - 2:53am 1 comment

Lawyer Michael Vidler: rights hero pushing waves of change

Illustration: Lau Ka-kuen

After solicitor Michael Vidler skimmed through the top court's landmark ruling affirming the right of his client, a transsexual woman known as "W", to marry her fiancé, he summed up how the victory felt. It was, he said, like "taking a through-train to justice".

20 May 2013 - 11:28am 3 comments

A Good Week for ... , May 19, 2013

Joseph Estrada

Joseph Estrada, the comeback kid of the Philippine political scene, capitalised on his film-star popularity by winning the job of mayor of Manila in mid-term elections.

19 May 2013 - 4:06am

Finally I can marry my boyfriend: Transsexual plans wedding after landmark court victory

Michael Vidler, the solicitor for transsexual "W", speaks to the media outside the Court of Final Appeal after the ruling. Photo: K. Y. Cheng

Legal experts said the victory by the litigant, known only as W, redefined the meaning of the word "woman" in the Hong Kong marriage system.

29 Aug 2013 - 4:13am

Talking points

O.J. Simpson

The return of O.J. Simpson to a Las Vegas court will remind Americans of a tragedy that became a national obsession and changed the country's attitude to the justice system, media and celebrity.

13 May 2013 - 1:52am

Transsexual woman in last bid to wed boyfriend

Hong Kong’s highest court on Monday began hearing the final appeal of a transsexual woman who is seeking to wed her boyfriend, in a potentially groundbreaking case.

15 Apr 2013 - 11:51pm 1 comment

Talking points

How will China treat Iceland's gay first couple?

How will China treat Iceland's gay first couple?

15 Apr 2013 - 2:31am

The man who gave birth to confusion

Thomas Beatie

Thomas Beatie was seeking a divorce from his wife, Nancy, and a decision on the custody of their three children. But the problem was Thomas Beatie was born a woman - Tracy Lehuanani Lagondino - in Oahu, Hawaii. She underwent a few operations and testosterone hormone therapy to become a man.

3 Apr 2013 - 3:29am

Letters to the Editor, January 16, 2013

Dr Albert Yuen has played a vital role. Photo: SCMP

Think beyond city's pillar industries

Last month, Financial Secretary John Tsang Chun-wah warned against "blindly" pursuing new sectors.

He defended the city's pillar industries - finance, logistics and trade, tourism and professional services.

I disagree with the comments regarding pursuit of new sectors.

16 Jan 2013 - 2:34am 1 comment

Don't neglect transsexuals in talks on discrimination law, say activists

Mimi Wong says transsexuals are often forgotten. Photo: Thomas Yau

Legislation banning prejudice against sexual minorities should not neglect the unique needs of transsexuals, activists say.

There has been a growing clamour this year for a law banning discrimination based on sexual orientation. It reached a peak when lawmakers voted down a motion last month, calling for public consultation on the issue.

30 Dec 2012 - 4:55am 1 comment

Transsexual's play tells true story of discrimination in Hong Kong

Actors Emma Ng and Cleave Lam at a rehearsal for the musical Dream of the Mermaid at Polytechnic University. Photo: Jonathan Wong

Discrimination, unemployment and endless scoffing did not deter Mimi Wong from pursuing her dream: making Hong Kong a fair city for transsexual people.

That is why, when she heard about a court case in which a transsexual woman was barred from marrying her boyfriend, she decided to make a musical telling the story with transsexual friends.

17 Sep 2012 - 5:32am

Briefs, September 14, 2012

A funeral for factory blaze victims in Karachi. Photo: Xinhua

Plea on refugee rights for asylum-seekers

14 Sep 2012 - 2:39am

Who said it?

This was about evil men who did evil things to children

US District Attorney Seth Williams, after Monsignor William Lynn (pictured) was convicted of covering up child sex abuse.

I'm simply bursting out of a cage which has bound me in a traditional gender role

Ealin, who at the age of 84 is possibly the world's oldest male-to-female transsexual

24 Jun 2012 - 12:00am

Transgenders 'struggle in the dark'

Life on the mainland for transgender people can be difficult, as they face intense discrimination and the lack of proper medical assistance, according to experts and advocates.

24 Jun 2012 - 12:00am