Tung Chung

Shortages hamper Tung Chung hospital

Chief manager Dr Chong Yee-hung in the trauma room of the A&E department at North Lantau Hospital. Photo: Jonathan Wong

Tung Chung is due to have its own hospital this year, but 24-hour accident and emergency services will not be available until the third quarter of next year due to a shortage of medical staff.

Friday, 31 May, 2013, 4:13am

Tung Chung expansion scheme unveiled, raising reclamation concerns

Tung Chung expansion scheme unveiled, raising reclamation concerns

The government wants to extend Tung Chung on Lantau Island by reclaiming 134 hectares of land east and west of the new town, as part of its quest for long-term housing land.

22 May 2013 - 9:10am

Lantau development should not be driven by greed

Yat Tung Estate in Tung Chung.

On reading Pope Francis' denunciation of greed and exploitation, one wonders what he would make of the behaviour of Hong Kong's business elite.

If years of deception about property sizes, exploiting of legal loopholes and manipulation of prices have demonstrated anything, it's that this group is interested in little other than the satisfaction of their greed.

9 Apr 2013 - 3:36am

Letters to the Editor, April 5, 2013

A taxi in San Francisco that runs on biodiesel. Photo: AFP

It is of great concern to note Dr Benny Tai Yiu-ting's Occupy Central proposal, which advocates civil disobedience in case Beijing does not agree with the whims or insecurity of some political parties in Hong Kong.

5 Apr 2013 - 5:46am 2 comments

Letters to the Editor, April 4, 2013

Kai Tak has a famous aviation history. Photo: SCMP

Item 86 in the chief executive's policy address dealt with the development of the western tip of the former Kai Tak runway. It said this site in the Kai Tak Development Area had "excellent potential to be developed into a tourism and entertainment hub" and proposed "an 'edutainment' destination which will reflect Kai Tak's unique aviation, maritime, and transportation history".

4 Apr 2013 - 3:17am 6 comments

Letters to the Editor, March 31, 2013

Nothing wrong with wearing fur coats. Photo: SCMP

A study by the University of Hong Kong has revealed how serious a problem light pollution has become in Hong Kong. The worst reading taken by the survey team at the Space Museum in Tsim Sha Tsui was "1,200 times the International Astronomical Union standard".

31 Mar 2013 - 2:08am 5 comments

Letters to the Editor, March 26, 2013

Western New Territories has rail links. Photo: David Wong

The government appears to have a blind spot. It should look at the map of Hong Kong and see that 90 per cent of our land resources of nearly 110,000 hectares are in the New Territories, most of which remain undeveloped. Therefore, there is no need to deplete our precious sea resources and damage our beautiful coastline by reclamation.

26 Mar 2013 - 3:29am 3 comments

Letters to the Editor, March 25, 2013

Pope Francis takes charge of a Vatican in crisis. Photo: AFP

John Charleston writes that North Korea is "safe" from American influence thanks to its military strength and nuclear weapons programme, while suggesting that the "right-wing" South China Morning Post is partly responsible for public opinion of the North Korean regime.

25 Mar 2013 - 2:37am

Hong Kong should look to Lantau for development

Lantau's infrastructure and the implications of Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge's completion as early as 2016 offers the island massive development potential.

The suggestion by a business group that Lantau Island be developed as a commercial zone to draw mainland tourists away from crowded Causeway Bay and Tsim Sha Tsui, at first glance, seems far-fetched. But given what the city's largest island has in terms of infrastructure and the implications of the completion of the bridge to Zhuhai and Macau as early as 2016, it is obvious that it offers massive development potential.

22 Mar 2013 - 4:00am 8 comments

Letters to the Editor, March 20, 2013

Tung Chung is too far for shoppers. Photo: Bloomberg

I would like to clarify the government's stance regarding public access to private sports clubs and other facilities on sites that are operated under private recreational leases.

20 Mar 2013 - 3:11am 3 comments

Citygate Outlet team bids for another site at Tung Chung

Citygate lures an increasing number of mainland shoppers from traditional shopping districts such as Causeway Bay.

A friend recently paid a visit to Citygate Outlet shopping mall in Tung Chung. She thought she was in Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui. Shops selling designer fashion brands and sports items, including Burberry, Coach, Levis, Polo, Nike and Adidas, were jam-packed with mainland buyers.

12 Mar 2013 - 5:46pm 4 comments

Give Tung Chung's empty estates HOS flats, says Green Sense

Yat Tung Estate is a long commute for residents.

An urban planning concern group is asking for more Home Ownership Scheme flats to be built in Tung Chung on Lantau, rather than public rental housing. Green Sense made the call after a visit to Yat Tung Estate found 50 seemingly vacant units.

These units did not have any furniture and there was no renovation going on.

14 Feb 2013 - 4:09am 2 comments

Outrage over Tung Chung public housing U-turn

Secretary for Housing and Transport Professor Anthony Cheung Bing-leung. Photo: Felix Wong

Four public housing towers will be built on the seafront at Tung Chung after a U-turn by the government. It had put the project on hold in the face of opposition from residents who paid high prices to enjoy a similar view.

10 Jan 2013 - 8:38am 2 comments

Business alliance to provide job training for Tung Chung residents

Disneyland requires staff members to speak Cantonese, Putonghua and English well. Photo: Dickson Lee

A business group that includes Hong Kong Disneyland, Asia World Expo and Ngong Ping 360 will organise job fairs and retraining for underemployed Tung Chung residents.

27 Dec 2012 - 1:17pm

City Digest, November 30, 2012

Guard suspected of killing ex-girlfriend

30 Nov 2012 - 3:20am