Typhoon Usagi

People brave stormy weather near Star Ferry Pier in Tsim Sha Tsui under typhoon signal no. 8 as typhoon Usagi hits Hong Kong. Photo: Felix Wong

Some Hongkongers displayed recklessness in face of Usagi's peril

There was never a certainty that Typhoon Usagi was going to make a direct hit on Hong Kong, but the waves from so powerful a storm were guaranteed to create spectacular waterfront displays. That was to be expected after weather forecasters had billed it as the biggest tempest in the world this year. The Hong Kong Observatory had for days been warning that wind strengths and seasonal high tides would cause mountainous swells, and the photographs and videos showing people dwarfed on the shoreline have not disappointed. What was shocking, though, was the numbers of parents who took their children from the safety of homes and put them in potentially dangerous situations to experience nature's fury at first hand.