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World powers, Iran exchange offers at crunch talks

Members of the Iranian delegation, led by chief nuclear negotiator Saeed Jalili (third left), attend talks in Almaty on Tuesday. Photo: Reuters

World powers and Iran on Tuesday exchanged offers in crunch talks in Kazakhstan aimed at breaking a decade of deadlock over Tehran’s nuclear drive despite low expectations of any deal.

Tuesday, 26 February, 2013, 8:03pm

On North Korea, persuasion must be the tactic of choice

North Korean workers celebrate North Korea's nuclear test. Photo: Reuters

North Korea, which carried out nuclear weapons tests in 2006 and 2009, pushed the 15-nation UN Security Council to convene an emergency meeting. With the possibility of "significant action" looming over the latest nuclear test, fundamental debates over whether North Korea is ripe for regime change have come to the fore again.

14 Feb 2013 - 1:29am

North Korea camouflages nuclear test site

A satellite image captured on January 23 shows the Punggye-ri nuclear test facility in North Korea. Photo: AFP

North Korea has covered the entrance to a tunnel at its nuclear test site in an apparent effort to avoid satellite monitoring ahead of a widely expected detonation.

1 Feb 2013 - 12:34pm

Activity seen at North Korean atomic test site

This January 4 satellite image shows North Korea's Punggye-ri nuclear test facility where roads have been kept clear of snow over the past month. Photo: AP

Satellite images reveal ongoing activity at North Korea’s atomic test site, according to a US research institute.

28 Jan 2013 - 9:47pm 1 comment

UN to sanction North Korea space agency

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un watches the rocket launch in December. Photo: Reuters

The UN Security Council will order sanctions against North Korea’s space agency in a resolution to be passed this week condemning a ballistic launch, a diplomatic source said on Monday.

29 Aug 2013 - 4:13am

Push for Syria war crimes probe as 26 children die

Internally displaced Syrian children gesture as they pose for a photo at a school in Aleppo. Photo: Reuters

International calls for a war crimes probe into the 22-month Syrian conflict are growing after a watchdog reported at least 26 children have been killed in the latest violence.

Reports of the child deaths came on Monday as New York-based Human Rights Watch accused President Bashar al-Assad’s regime of expanding its use of banned cluster bombs.

15 Jan 2013 - 2:29pm

Briefs, December 19, 2012

Taiwanese President Ma Ying-jeou pledged not to interfere with freedom of speech or the media, and said he had called on Beijing to release Nobel Peace Prize winner Liu Xiaobo. 

19 Dec 2012 - 3:18am

Japan deploys destroyers for N Korea rocket

Officers of the Ground Self-Defence Force (SDF) walk in front of Japan's Patriot Advanced Capability-3 (PAC-3) missile launcher in Tokyo on Thursday. Photo: AFP

Japan on Thursday dispatched three destroyers to waters over which North Korea says its satellite-bearing rocket will travel.

6 Dec 2012 - 4:37pm

North Korea completes rocket installation

A North Korean soldier stands in front of an Unha-3 rocket, slated for lift-off as early as next week, at a launching site in Tongchang-ri. Photo: AP

North Korea has completed installing a long-range rocket on its launch pad, ahead of its planned launch this month in defiance of widespread international condemnation, a report said on Wednesday.

All three stages of the Unha-3 rocket have been placed on the pad at the North’s Sohae satellite launch station, a South Korean government source told Yonhap news agency.

5 Dec 2012 - 3:59pm

Russia, China urge North Korea to drop rocket launch plan

Engineers check the top of a rocket sitting on a launch pad at the West Sea Satellite Launch Site, northwest of Pyongyang, in April. Photo: Reuters

Russia and China urged North Korea on Monday not to go ahead with a plan for its second rocket launch of this year, with Moscow saying any such move would violate restrictions imposed by the UN Security Council.

4 Dec 2012 - 9:28am

Japan readies missile defence over North Korean rocket

Patriot Advanced Capability-3 (PAC-3) land-to-air missiles are deployed at the Defence Ministry in Tokyo in April. Photo: Reuters

Tokyo has begun deploying a surface-to-air missile defence system and is putting its armed forces on standby ahead of a planned North Korean missile launch this month.

3 Dec 2012 - 2:36pm

China expresses 'concern' at North Korea's planned missile launch

North Korea's Dongchang-ri missile launch site, bordering China, in a satellite photograph taken yesterday. Photo: EPA

China yesterday said it was concerned at North Korea's plans to launch a rocket later this month, state media reported, while Pyongyang reportedly notified neighbours including Japan of the planned trajectory.

3 Dec 2012 - 4:27am

N Korea plans rocket launch as leader asserts power

A soldier stands guard in front of a rocket sitting on a launch pad at the West Sea Satellite Launch Site, northwest of Pyongyang, in April. Photo: Reuters

North Korea is to carry out its second rocket launch of this year as its youthful leader Kim Jong-un flexes his muscles a year after his father’s death, in a move that will likely heighten diplomatic tensions and draw criticism from Washington.

1 Dec 2012 - 8:45pm

North Korea may test missile next week

A satellite image provided by DigitalGlobe and annotated by 38 North shows the Sohae Satellite Launch Station in Cholsan County on Monday. Photo: AP

Fresh analysis of new satellite imagery confirms apparent North Korean preparations for an imminent long-range missile test – perhaps as early as next week – a US think tank said on Friday.

Speculation over a new test, following a failed launch in April, has intensified in recent weeks and drew a sharp warning on Thursday from the UN Security Council to Pyongyang.

30 Nov 2012 - 6:43pm

UN imposes sanctions on Haqqani group and its leader Qari Zakir

An insurgent's body after 2011's US embassy attack. Photo: NYT

The UN Security Council has ordered global sanctions against the Haqqani militant group in Afghanistan and its suicide attack mastermind.

The network, which has been widely linked to Pakistan, is accused of carrying out a string of major attacks in Afghanistan including against the US and Indian embassies and a major hotel in Kabul.

7 Nov 2012 - 4:29am