University of Hong Kong

Student union under fire for political ads

Present and former student leaders are piling the pressure on the University of Hong Kong's student union over its decision to spend HK$300,000 on newspaper adverts questioning chief executive hopeful Leung Chun-ying.

Wednesday, 14 March, 2012, 12:00am

Student union ads take aim at Leung

The University of Hong Kong's student union took an unusual and expensive step into the chief executive election campaign yesterday.

It placed advertisements in eight newspapers questioning candidate Leung Chun-ying's involvement in what it calls 'black gold politics'.

13 Mar 2012 - 12:00am

Going viral

From the heated public debate around the number of pregnant mainland women coming to Hong Kong to give birth, to the legionella outbreak at the government's new Tamar site, public health issues are never far from the city's headlines.

But how do public healthcare professionals begin to tackle problems of such immense scope and complexity?

12 Mar 2012 - 12:00am

Citibank, HKU bank on future bankers

Many veterans in the finance industry will tell you that what you learn at school bears little, if any, resemblance to what you face at work. To bridge the gap between textbook studies and real-life work in finance, the University of Hong Kong (HKU) and Citibank collaborated to produce a course for students of the business and economics faculty.

9 Mar 2012 - 12:00am

New HKU college to be among city's most expensive

The University of Hong Kong has set up a new liberal education college to offer self-financed degree programmes that will cost local students up to HK$92,000 a year.

8 Mar 2012 - 12:00am

Newcomers prompt new hires

As Hong Kong becomes a regional hub for higher education, helping mainland and international students adjust to living in the city has become an important focus for local universities.

3 Mar 2012 - 12:00am

Danger within

Academic freedom has been in the news, largely as a result of the angry response of mainland officials and pro-Beijing newspapers to a survey on the identity of Hongkongers, which was conducted by the University of Hong Kong. The main target of their anger was Robert Chung Ting-yiu, director of the university's public opinion programme.

29 Feb 2012 - 12:00am

Poll results pile pressure on Henry Tang

Scandal-hit Henry Tang Ying-yen's bid to become the next chief executive has been dealt a new blow by an exclusive South China Morning Post poll, which found most people doubt his integrity and more than half think he should quit the race.

19 Feb 2012 - 12:00am

Cash pledges flow in to fund mock election ballot

A leading polling organisation says it is making progress in collecting donations for a simulated chief executive election for the public, with nearly HK$120,000 raised in nine days.

The University of Hong Kong's public opinion programme said yesterday that 327 donors had so far pledged HK$345,645. Of these, donations totalling HK$119,004 from 131 donors had been verified.

17 Feb 2012 - 12:00am

With no moral compass, HKU will lose its way

To quote a recent popular saying: 'This city is dying.' I think quite a lot of people in Hong Kong will agree with me that the University of Hong Kong is dying along with it. Its centenary celebration last August turned out to be a big mess which led to an internal investigation.

17 Feb 2012 - 12:00am

An HK perspective for Taiwan

'Not until I started packing up at Sha Wan Drive did I realise that Hong Kong is my home,' said Lung Ying-tai, Taiwan's culture minister designate. She was referring to her staff quarters at the University of Hong Kong, where she has been a visiting scholar since 2004.

14 Feb 2012 - 12:00am

Taming time to work for you

As a fixed resource, time management is an integral part of the successful operation of any organisation. It is also an important factor for navigating an MBA programme.

13 Feb 2012 - 12:00am

Legal eagles to fly high

Recognised for the pivotal role Hong Kong's legal sector plays in delivering professional services to businesses and financial markets, the demand for legal education at Hong Kong's universities continues to grow.

13 Feb 2012 - 12:00am

English language course focuses on real-life tests

Master of Arts in Applied English Linguistics The Open University of Hong Kong

To meet the growing demand of professionals and individuals wishing to improve their English skills, the Open University of Hong Kong (OUHK) has launched the master of arts in applied English linguistics. Classes will begin in September 2012.

11 Feb 2012 - 12:00am

Another HKU departure

HONG KONG - Another top University of Hong Kong official, who was also linked to the mishandling of Vice-Premier Li Ke-qiang's visit in August, has resigned. Registrar Henry Wai Wing-kun says he is suffering from ill health.

10 Feb 2012 - 12:00am