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  • Jan 29, 2015
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US Osprey Aircraft

Criticism by mainland Japanese of Okinawa activists dismissed as 'racist'

Okinawans want the US' Osprey aircraft banned. Photo: AFP

An Okinawan lawyer has branded as racist mainland Japanese who have been railing against efforts by residents of the island prefecture to reduce the US military presence there.

Saturday, 4 May, 2013, 1:30am

U.S. envoy promises support in Okinawa rape case

Angry Japanese react to the incident in Okinawa. Photo: AFP

The US envoy to Japan has vowed "complete and unequivocal co-operation" over the alleged rape of a local woman by two servicemen on an island fed up with American military presence.

18 Oct 2012 - 3:30am

US ‘understands anger’ over Okinawa rape claim

US ambassador to Japan John Roos (centre) is surrounded by reporters after his meeting with Japanese Senior Vice Foreign Minister Shuji Kira in Tokyo on Wednesday. Photo: AFP

The United States ambassador to Japan vowed “complete and unequivocal cooperation” on Wednesday over the alleged rape of a local woman by two servicemen on an island fed up with hosting the US military.

17 Oct 2012 - 2:54pm

Two US sailors arrested over Okinawa rape: reports

People hold placards denouncing the deployment of US military aircraft during a demonstration in Iwakuni in western Japan on July 22. Photo: EPA

Two US servicemen were arrested on Tuesday on suspicion of gang-raping a Japanese woman in Okinawa, reports said, as anti-American feeling runs high on the strategically vital island.

The incident comes amid swelling protests over the recent deployment on the island of 12 Osprey transport aircraft, with the plane’s perceived poor safety sparking concern among local residents.

16 Oct 2012 - 8:43pm