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  • Jan 31, 2015
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Viktor Yanukovych

Overthrown Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych says it was 'wrong' to call for Russian troops in Crimea

A visibly upset Viktor Yanukovych, the ousted Ukrainian president, said the annexation of Crimea was a tragedy. Photo: AP

Defensive and at times tearful, Ukraine's ousted president conceded that he made a mistake when he invited Russian troops into Crimea, and vowed to try to negotiate with Vladimir Putin to recover the Black Sea peninsula.

Friday, 4 April, 2014, 1:23am

Hundreds rally in Kiev in protest over 'stolen' Ukraine election

 Police officers prepare to meet a protest rally outside an election precinct, where the opposition said election fraud happened, in Kiev. Photo: Reuters

Hundreds of people rallied in central Kiev on Monday to protest against what the Ukrainian opposition says was vote-rigging by President Viktor Yanukovych’s ruling party in the October 28 parliamentary election.

5 Nov 2012 - 6:14pm

Yanukovych claims Ukraine poll win

Viktor Yanukovych votes in the legislative election. Photo: AFP

In an election condemned by international observers, Ukraine's ruling party was last night set for victory against an opposition group aligned to jailed ex-premier Yuliya Tymoshenko.

30 Oct 2012 - 4:05am

Ukraine president’s party set for election win

Former heavyweight boxer and head of Ukraine's opposition UDAR party Vitali Klitschko shakes hands with a supporter in Kiev. Photo: Xinhua

Ukrainian President Victor Yanukovich’s party is on course to secure a parliamentary majority after an election, but will face an opposition boosted by resurgent nationalists and a liberal party led by boxing champion Vitaly Klitschko.

29 Oct 2012 - 7:57pm

Threats, vulgarity win you votes in Ukraine

Supporters of the pro-government Party of Regions raise their flags at a pre-election rally in the capital, Kiev, on Friday. Photo: Reuters

Parliaments can be boisterous places and elections are often heated affairs. But the frosty exchanges of an Obama-Romney debate or prime minister's question time in London pale in comparison to the rough and tumble of Ukrainian political discourse.

28 Oct 2012 - 3:27am