Weibo, which means micro blog in Chinese, is a Chinese Twitter-like online networking tool. Hundreds of millions of netizens across China use Weibo as a platform to exchange information and voice opinions on social issues in a nation under strict news censorship. Sina Weibo is currently the largest social networking website in China with 368 million registered users as of June 2012.  

Internet regulators in China – where 95 per cent of its internet users are on mobile – have slapped the heaviest fines on WeChat, Weibo and Baidu over banned contents. Photo: AP

China fines its tech giants for banned contents in ongoing crackdown

China’s largest online social networks need to hone their balancing skills between engaging users and policing content to avoid the wrath of internet regulators which this week slapped Tencent Holdings, Baidu and Weibo with the maximum fines allowed under new cybersecurity laws, say analysts.

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