Wen Jiabao

Premier of China between 2003 and 2013, Wen Jiabao served as vice-premier between 1998 and 2002. Wen, who was born in 1942, spent 14 years working in Gansu province’s geological bureau before being promoted in 1982 to vice-minister of geology and mineral resources. Wen graduated from the Beijing Institute of Geology in 1968 and has a master’s degree in geology. He was a member of the Politburo Standing Committee between 2002 and 2012. 


Wen Jiabao

Wen Jiabao

Premier of the PRC

Tuesday, 20 November, 2012, 11:05pm

Wen Jiabao to meet EU amid debt crisis, solar row

Premier Wen Jiabao speaks at the World Economic Forum in Tianjin this month. He will attend the China-EU Summit on Thursday. Photo: Xinhua

Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao meets Europe’s leaders this week as the world’s second-biggest economy faces headwinds from the continent’s debt crisis and amid tensions over trade.

29 Aug 2013 - 4:13am

Wen's pledge of support boosts mainland property stocks

Mainland property stocks surged yesterday as the premier's pledge of fiscal support on Tuesday raised investor hopes.

14 Sep 2012 - 3:21am

Premier Wen's rule overshadowed by predecessor Zhu's bold reforms

Illustration: Adolfo Arranz

While former premier Zhu Rongji is credited with introducing bold measures that set the mainland's financial system on the path of reform, his successor Wen Jiabao may be remembered more for his eloquent speeches than strong action when he steps down from his position early next year.

1 Oct 2012 - 1:53pm

Investors await specific steps to bolster growth

After the initial excitement spurred by Premier Wen Jiabao's pledge of fiscal support abates, investors may want to see more concrete steps from the government before they are convinced about an economic rebound.

8 May 2015 - 9:46am

Wen Jiabao vows to tap fiscal surplus, stability fund

Premier Wen Jiabao. Photo: AFP

Premier Wen Jiabao pledged for the first time to tap into the government's fiscal surplus as well as a fiscal stability fund of more than 100 billion yuan (HK$122b) as needed to stem an economic downturn.

12 Sep 2012 - 9:35am

Lots of room for growth, Wen says

Premier Wen Jiabao prepares to speak during a session of the World Economic Forum in the port city of Tianjin yesterday. Photo: Reuters

Premier Wen Jiabao, in an apparent effort to bolster confidence in the country's economic growth, said the economy has great potential to generate long-term growth thanks to opportunities brought by urbanisation and innovation.

8 May 2015 - 9:46am

China on track to meet growth target, Wen Jiabao says

Premier Wen Jiabao speaks to the World Economic Forum in Tianjin, sounding confident of keeping the economy on a track of steady and relatively fast growth. Photo: AP

China is on track to meet this year’s target for economic growth and, if needed, the government could utilise a 100 billion yuan (HK$122 billion) fiscal stability fund to boost growth, Premier Wen Jiabao said on Tuesday.

29 Aug 2013 - 4:13am

Death toll climbs to 89 after twin quakes in southwest China

Residents seek temporary refuge in a cave in Yiliang. Photo: Reuters

Rescuers cleared blocked roads yesterday to join the search for survivors of twin earthquakes in the mountainous southwest as the death toll rose to 89 and Premier Wen Jiabao surveyed the hardest hit areas.

9 Sep 2012 - 4:35am

Wen and Clinton fail to narrow key differences on sea disputes, Syria

US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton makes a point to Premier Wen Jiabao during a meeting at the Zhongnanhai leaders' compound in Beijing yesterday. In two days of talks, the two countries failed to resolve diplomatic differences over resolving the violence in Syria and addressing territorial disputes in the South China Sea. Photo: EPA

Premier Wen Jiabao expressed concerns over the recent development of Sino-US ties yesterday in talks with US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and warned that US involvement in territorial disputes between China and its neighbours could set back bilateral relations.

The unusually strongly worded warning came despite Clinton saying the United States welcomed a rising China.

6 Sep 2012 - 8:06am

Too early to loosen curbs on property, says China's Premier Wen Jiabao

Premier Wen Jiabao said yesterday it was too early to loosen curbs on speculative property investment, state media reported, as authorities keep a tight lid on the once red-hot housing sector.

Wen, inspecting an affordable housing project, said government efforts to rein in runaway housing prices had been largely successful, Xinhua said.

2 Sep 2012 - 3:23am

Wen urges action on Europe debt crisis

Premier Wen Jiabao expressed concern about the European debt crisis during talks with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Photo: AFP

Expressing alarm at Europe’s debt problems, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao called on Greece, Spain and Italy to embrace budget cuts and get their finances in order after meeting Thursday with visiting German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

30 Aug 2012 - 4:59pm

The Golden decade loses its lustre

Wen Jiabao in Guangdong. Photo: Xinhua

On Friday when the Hang Seng index shed 1.3 per cent to close below the 20,000 level and Shanghai shares closed 1 per cent down to end at the lowest close since March 2009, Premier Wen Jiabao landed in Guangdong, one of the mainland's exporting powerhouses, for a two-day inspection.

3 Oct 2012 - 3:25pm

Protests indicate mainlanders want leaders to take pollution seriously

A policeman suffers the wrath of protesters opposed to a wastewater pipeline in Qidong. Photo: AFP

As a new generation of leaders prepares to take the nation's reins later this year, they will inherit the unenviable task of dealing with its ever-worsening pollution.

23 Aug 2012 - 3:50am

Economy's lull a time for reform

Cooling economic activity has heightened expectations of more aggressive policy actions from Beijing to counter a worse-than-expected slowdown. Industrial output growth slowed the most in three years in July and new export orders fell, both reflecting the debt crisis in Europe and a sluggish recovery in the United States.

15 Aug 2012 - 11:30pm