Zhang Xiaoming

Fruitless but entertaining

Zhang Xiaoming. Photo: Felix Wong

In Greek mythology, Sisyphus was consigned to an eternity of futile effort pushing a boulder uphill. Tomorrow, five pan-democrats will be making the same effort to prevent the Southern District Council from passing a motion against the Occupy Central campaign.

Thursday, 25 July, 2013, 4:07am

Lawmaker Wong Yuk-man refuses to join Zhang Xiaoming's Legco lunch

Lawmaker Wong Yuk-man. Photo: Sam Tsang

Radical pan-democrat lawmaker Wong Yuk-man said on Tuesday he would not join a lunch with Beijing’s liaison office director Zhang Xiaoming next week.

The lunch will be the first time the central government’s Hong Kong liaison office has sat down with lawmakers from across the political spectrum represented in the Legislative Council.

11 Jun 2015 - 3:50pm 3 comments

Beijing's top man to hold unprecedented Hong Kong lunch with Legco members

Legco president Jasper Tsang Yok-sing says a planned lunch meeting between lawmakers and liaison office officials will be an informal one. Photo: Nora Tam

Beijing's top official in Hong Kong, Zhang Xiaoming, is ready to "tackle all questions" at a lunch with the entire Legislative Council - and pan-democrats vowed to voice their strong demand for universal suffrage.

9 Jul 2013 - 8:37am 6 comments

Beijing recalling its big guns to handle a more complex city

Xu Ze, former deputy director of HK and Macau Affairs Office. Photo: Ricky Chung

Last week, while a 29-year-old American stole the limelight in Hong Kong and the world, a Beijing veteran on Hong Kong's political and legal affairs quietly went back to the capital from Macau.

17 Jun 2013 - 5:39am

Veteran official regains Hong Kong-Macau office post

Xu Ze

Xu Ze, a veteran central government official for Hong Kong and Macau affairs, has been appointed to a second stint as a deputy director of the State Council's Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office.

9 Jun 2013 - 6:34am

Liaison Office chief must investigate relationship with former ICAC boss

Zhang Xiaoming, director of the Liaison Office of the Chinese Central People's Government in Hong Kong. Photo: Xinhua

When the current head of the central government's liaison office, Zhang Xiaoming, arrived in December, he was welcomed for his fresh approach, which included a willingness to sound off in public on all manner of things. One reason for his willingness to do so, perhaps, is that 49-year-old Zhang is an expert on Hong Kong, having worked in the State Council's Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office for most of his adult life.

22 May 2013 - 2:53am 3 comments

Rational approach can ease tensions, liaison chief Zhang Xiaoming says

Zhang Xiaoming

Zhang Xiaoming, director of the central government's liaison office in Hong Kong, said he hoped that the chief executive elected by universal suffrage in 2017 would be patriotic and have both the central government's trust and Hong Kong people's backing.

9 Mar 2013 - 6:23am

Beijing acknowledges friction between HK residents and mainlanders

Zhang Xiaoming

In a rare admission, a top Beijing representative has acknowledged the friction between Hong Kong residents and mainlanders. But Zhang Xiaoming, who took over as head of the central government's liaison office in December, said there were only occasional conflicts and they did not reflect the developing relationship between the two sides.

22 Feb 2013 - 4:25am 1 comment

Beijing official says Leung administration popular despite media reports

Zhang Xiaoming

Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying's government is more popular with the public than the picture that is painted in certain sections of the media, a top Beijing representative says. Zhang Xiaoming, who succeeded Peng Qinghua as head of the central government's liaison office in December, also called on people not to criticise but to help the government solve Hong Kong's problems.

20 Feb 2013 - 5:25am 3 comments

What the local media says, February 9, 2013

Zhang Xiaoming. Photo: CNS

Sunday, Sing Tao Daily

Minibus driver caught playing Candy Crush in traffic jam

A minibus driver was accused of risking lives by playing the video game Candy Crush Saga on his phone in a traffic jam. After a passenger posted a video showing the driver's antics on the internet, one viewer warned against Candy Crush becoming "Car Crush".


9 Feb 2013 - 5:42am

Radical agenda becomes crystal clear

Director of Liaison Office Zhang Xiaoming officiates at Youth Development and Responsibilty Forum. Photo: Sam Tsang

"Never the twain shall meet."

This Post headline crystallises for me why the pan-democratic camp has become so radicalised and why that bodes ill for Hong Kong's future.

12 Jan 2013 - 2:15am 4 comments

Zhang Xiaoming pours cold water on idea Beijing may dump CY Leung

Zhang Xiaoming, director of Beijing's liaison office, at a youth forum yesterday. Photo: Sam Tsang

Beijing's liaison office does not rule Hong Kong - despite suggestions it has too much influence in the city's affairs - but it has a job to do and must do it, the office's new chief said yesterday.

11 Jan 2013 - 4:08am 5 comments

Mystery man Zhang Xiaoming signals shift to 'old Hong Kong hands'

Zhang Xiaoming

Weeks after his arrival, Beijing's top representative in Hong Kong, 49 year-old Zhang Xiaoming, is still a mystery to many. He has not yet made any public appearances, and there is only speculation about his mission here.

7 Jan 2013 - 5:44am

SAR economy must reinvent itself

Zhang Xiaoming drew attention to 'three relationships' that must be properly managed if 'one country, two systems' is to be successfully implemented in Hong Kong and Macau.

In a recent policy paper on the implementation of "one country, two systems" by Zhang Xiaoming, now serving as the head of Beijing's representation in Hong Kong, he drew attention to "three relationships" which must be properly managed if this bold and unique concept is to be successfully implemented in Hong Kong and Macau.

6 Jan 2013 - 4:55am 2 comments

Two views of Zhang Xiaoming, liaison office director

Zhang Xiaoming

When veteran diplomat Jiang Enzhu became director of the central government's liaison office in Hong Kong in 1997, he described the city an "abstruse book" from which he would strive to learn. Throughout his five-year stint, Beijing's envoy, by and large, kept a low profile under the principle of "one country, two systems". Ten years on, the office has seen its third leadership change.

29 Dec 2012 - 4:15am