Mainland Chinese couple, toddler booted off Cathay Pacific flight over seatbelt dispute

February 26, 2015

Mainland Chinese couple and their three-year-old son were ejected from a Hong Kong-bound Cathay Pacific flight after the toddler’s refusal to put on his seatbelt sparked off a heated argument on the plane.

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Excellent. It's time to start kicking some sense into the Mainland people who don't follow rules.
People need to be mindful of the situation and it is often difficult to travel with a toddler. In this case the airline could have done a better job in managing the situation. It is unfortunate that people tend to have very narrow mindset in HK with biased view, perhapse it is influenced by the smallness of the city. People need to be less discriminatory and do not the general comment on we vs. they. After all you are all part to the same group of people in terms of nationality and ethic group.
Good. About time someone started to enforce the rules on people like this.