Video of Putin putting shawl on China's first lady censored by Chinese government

November 11, 2014

Video of Russia’s president Vladimir Putin putting a shawl on China’s first lady Peng Liyuan during Apec summit was broadcast live on China’s state-run CCTV on Monday. The video was censored hours after circulating on China’s social media. (Photo: Reuters) 

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Why is there a problem loading the video here in Hong Kong? Just how far is the censors' reach?
Just data transmission overload temporary because too many people are trying to watch the video at the same time.
as long as it can be anti-china, anti-russia, pro-west media will spin it again,& again, but did they make a big deal out of video/picture of obama laughing & taking selfie with another guest's cellphone while sitting in front row of Mandela's funeral ceremony?
in USA< media stop this video at Peng's unloading of the shawl, & spinned it as her pinpoint rejection of Putin, they skipped her re-dressing of herself with another black jacket by her aide.
I can't see anything disgraceful in this act. In fact, Mr. Putin has showed respect and honor to the first lady. Why media makes Mountain out of a mole hill ?