Obama, Modi announce nuclear breakthrough after talks

January 26, 2015

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and US President Barack Obama announced they had reached an agreement Sunday to break the deadlock that has been stalling a civilian nuclear power agreement for years. (Cover photo: Reuters)

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I dont know what game Obama thinks he's playing but its a dangerous one cosying up to one of the most despicable men in India's political history, a leopard doesn't change it's spots however America seems to do this at the drop of a hat. From persona non grata in the U.S to best buddies with Obama with reciprocated visits, not once but twice from Obama??? This is the completely mercinary American foreign policy the World has come to expect from them.
I suspect nothing was actually promised, "Progress made" announced by Modi is very different to " nuclear breakthrough" this head-line implies, but still the symbolic nature of Obama's visit is highly significant for India if no one else.
Im guessing Obama is again feeling his country is threatened by China and feels he needs to bolster their support in Asia by at least appearing to be bosom buddies with India which is the worlds second largest even if dysfunctional Democracy, of course without quite the economic clout of China or scope to ever have. As such I don't think the Chinese are reading much into this visit at all.
It sure has the Indians excited though and I suspect this will bolster their security in as far as Pakistan is concerned.