Duterte visits Hong Kong, vows to be good Beijing guest and avoid South China Sea issues

May 13, 2017

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte asked his compatriots to give him four years to fulfil his campaign promises, and said his country was one of the “lucky” ones to be called to the Belt and Road Forum.

(Photo: SCMP's Dickson Lee)


What about the jet ski, plant the flag 'promise'? Just another little 3rd world dictator. Good luck with Beijing - like all Chinese, they love people they can buy.
The whole purpose of this trip is a bid unclear, but hey its the Filipino people paying for his vacations , and the HK taxpayer ....
Duterte should not avoid the South Sea issue. He should take the lead and acknowledge China's sovereignty over the 9-Dotted Line and so bring the issue to a close. China had established sovereignty over the South Sea thousands of years ago in the Tang Dynasty. In all subsequent dynasties China had reaffirmed its sovereignty. Therefore, China has indisputable sovereignty over the 9-Dotted Line. Philippines' claim is based on the facetious claim made by a Filipino pirate by the name of Tomas Cloma who claimed many land features in the 1950's. In the 1970's Cloma sold his "sovereign" rights over the South Sea to the Philippines government for 1 peso. If Cloma's claim is legitimate then any Chinese citizen can go to Philippines today and claim all Filipino islands and then sell them to the Chinese government for 1 yuan. Peace can only come to SE Asia after all SE Asian countries respect China's sovereignty. It is inevitable for China to compel respect from all SE Asian countries for China's 9-Dotted Line. Therefore, the sooner the SE Asian countries bow to the inevitable the sooner they can help bring peace and prosperity to their own region. It is wisdom to recognize the inevitable. 识时务者为俊杰。