Anarchy in the People's Republic, say Chinese punks

October 8, 2014

A marigold and magenta mohawk adorning his shaven skull, Chinese punk rocker Shan Lin has a subversive message in a country that suppresses dissent -- a rebel with a cause.

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This video is not entirely representative. Beijing alone has about a dozen punk rock festivals every year. It's not London or New York, but it's not North Korea, either. The festival shown here (which has been held annually for the past eleven years) was held at a public venue, and is advertised to the public. It even has a corporate sponsor, Dr. Martens.
I'm a DJ here in Beijing at a state-run, national FM radio station, and my show exclusively plays Chinese underground and independent music. So when they said that punk music can't be played here, that simply isn't true. In fact, the episode of my show that airs this very evening features bands playing at the upcoming "Beijing Drunk Fest," just another punk rock music festival in Beijing, and one that is free of charge for the public to attend.
Listen here:
I'm also surprised that you didn't mention the brutal and unprovoked assault on a German national in attendance of this event by members of The Demonstrators, the mohawked gentlemen featured in the video. His front teeth were knocked out and he required emergency care.