Tung Chung exemplifies labor mismatch in Hong Kong

January 22, 2013

"Matchmaking in the labor market can be a difficult dance. This is especially true for Tung Chung, an isolated neighborhood on the northern coast of Lantau island. To jobseekers in the area, Tung Chung's proximity to the Hong Kong International Airport brings ample employment opportunities - though not ones that fresh university graduates from the community would find attractive. However, venturing out of the island for job opportunities would also mean hefty transport costs.

The video below demonstrates this dynamic at a recent job fair in Tung Chung, where recruiters and jobseekers express their shared frustration at not finding the 'perfect match'. Jason Lee Kuok-on, recruitment representative from Hong Kong Air Cargo Terminals Limited, identifies the obstacles, ""When you work at the airport, you have to work night shifts, you have to work away from the city center. Jobs there tend to be well-paid but labor-intensive. It just might not be the ideal job for young jobseekers."""