Occupy protesters fight with suspected undercover police officers: one knocked out

December 1, 2014

Violence erupted in Admiralty on Monday morning following students’ attempts to storm government headquarters, with at least one suspected undercover police officer rushed to hospital after he was kicked and stomped on the ground by students.

The chaotic brawl, captured on camera by the South China Morning Post, began at around 9am, an hour after police had repelled protesters’ attempts to storm government headquarters with pepper spray and batons.

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Note "suspected under cover policeman" wants us to think he is close to dead yet cluches tightly onto his telephone with his dramticaly flayed and limp arm?
Another completely failed attempt by the police to drum up support for their brutality?
What a creative way to frame the protesters. To people of the world who didn't get a chance to view the context of this incident in some Chinese media , this is the undercover 'police officer' who verbally threatened a female protester: 'I'll get you back to the police station to rape you ....' before it sparked off further confrontation. He then pretended to be knocked out.
I don't think the main point is whether the suspected policeman was pretending to be knocked out, he was knocked out, he was not, so what?
The reality here is, the crowd has turned from demonstrators / protesters into RIOTS.
First of all, of course I agree with and support the "no violence" rule which the vast majority of protesters followed by now even when obnoxiously molested or attacked by anti-occupy people or police.
Nevertheless, this video and press release is a joke for several reasons:
1. Even considered this was a "serious" incident, it'd be one vs. how many seriously beaten up protesters and innocent pass-byers by policemen? Some of them actually wounded and bleeding like ****.
2. Watching the video closely and several times I doubt that the guy was even seriously hit or punched at all. Of course some people hit him but most with flat hands. And it also seems like the majority of the protesters try to pull those people away.
3. It also rather looks like he's pretending to be unconscious (well aware of the many cameras). Just look at how he all of the sudden gets back up from his unconsciousness. It's like watching a football game and a player goes down after a foul, pretending unbearable pain for a brief moment just to jump back up seconds later.
4. Talking about football: Whenever I heard press statements from government or police officials by now, talking about potentially violent protesters or calling umbrellas potential weapons and all that **** I can't help but end up thinking what ****ing **** they must be. I'd like to send some of those riot police guys to serve in Europe for a while, either at protests where they have to deal with political left or right militants or with football hooligans. That is violence! Slingshots, stones, molotov cocktails, burning cars and smashed shop windows and all that ****. Don't get me wrong here, I don't support any of that! I just don't see anything outrageous in the above video. The forms of protest the Hong Kong police force has to deal with by now is a walk in the park, at least in terms of violence.
Just watched the video one last time: The guy was definitely NOT knocked out. He wouldn't get up like that after a k.o.
So if he was knocked out why did he suddenly wake up to get his card? Looks like a bit of clever acting to me
Feign death, it's fake, he's pretending !
Is this a joke (watch from 1:29):
//The video then shows the officer being surrounded by protesters, before panning to the policeman on the ground, who appears to be semi-conscious. Some try to revive him. The policeman quickly regains consciousness and picks up what appears to be an identification card.//
They're off duty, but went to threaten the protesters ! And threatened 1 woman, they would arrest her and rape her in police station if she kept talking.
Why does the western media mostly, from the beginning of the protests to the report by Carrie Gracie of BBC last Sunday night, portray this protest as totally conducted by a group of young and innocent students fighting for their ideals? This conflict is far more complicated than that. The media's failure to fairly analyze and report this story has led to a lot of misunderstanding in foreign countries and to some UK legislators.
The media lacks the self-policing of its reports and this failure is costly to the society. I attribute this failure partly to the media's self interest and tendency to generate sensationalism.