Western vs Hong Kong style: how butchers prepare meat

December 9, 2014

Butchery is a hot trend in the West at the moment. Butcher classes are commonplace and most of the interest is coming from young people, both male and female, and often with no real interest in careers in the food and beverage industry at all.  South China Morning Post reporter Charley Lanyon gets some tips from Ned Nolan of The Butcher's Club and Chan Kam-sun of the Chinese Cuisine Training Institute on the art of butchery.  



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Locals butcher the meat. Literally. Chopping it up bone and all. This is what we do for the lower quality cuts for stews etc. Locals want a bite sized chunk because they cook in hot woks mostly and eat with sticks. We want to preserve moisture flavour when we cook by not cutting the meat up randomly the eater cuts the meat themselves.
I often used to get caught out by this when buying fish for example. Before you can wink local mongers chop the fish up into a thousand boney scaly bits that I just cant cook with or eat.
Anyone know why locals don't scale fish or even fillet it, do they eat fish scales and bones? Nothing worse for a Westerner to have inedible scales stuck in their teeth ha ha.
Not sure who disliked this but you are TOTALLY right! I live in mainland China and I call it machete meat. Nothing like trying to eat but spitting at the table with every bite! We only buy meat from an Australian butcher who imports everything.