Generations apart: Hong Kong Gurkhas and their offspring

April 3, 2015

The Nepalese Gurkha brigade served the British Army from 1816. Employed in Hong Kong from the 1940s, their duties included deterring illegal immigrants and protecting the citizens. spoke to 3 retired Gurkhas and 3 younger generation Nepalese living in Hong Kong to comment on their lives past and present.

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Is sad to hear all that.. HK is no longer the british way thats a fact.. Even the original HK people been look down by their own kind. Everything is favorite to the Mainland Chinese, look at the government. Back then the local will respect the government because they are doing the right thing, helping the citizen.. now forget it . This is no long the HK that we know of anymore. I salute you Gurkhas
Mercedes2233 - Your comments are not only offensive and ignorant but makes you look very naive and uneducated.
Clearly you had some interest in this story for you to post on here, so I suggest you get read about the subject before posting.
Most of the New Generation in Hong Kong don't know who we are and what and how much vital role our Fathers and Grand Fathers had played to protect Hong Kong and its Citizens. They should appreciate all our Gurkhas. New Hong Kong Government should give Hong Kong Gurkhas and their offspring a different recognition and should put in Hong Kong History about the Brave Gurkhas.
Honesty,Dedication and hard work is the symbol of the Brave Gurkhas.
Yes, and the UK too should grant Gurhkas and their families citizenship. Gurkha soldiers are well known the world over for their toughness, loyalty and dedication to their jobs. We enjoy the excellent Nepalese cuisine served by ex soldiers in Yuen Long.