Regina Ip tearfully regrets Hong Kong reform vote misstep

June 19, 2015

New People’s Party lawmaker Regina Ip Lau Suk-yee shed tears this morning, as she said she felt very sad she did not cast her vote for the Hong Kong government’s political reform package.

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Crocodile tears as she sees her chances of being the next CE thankfully disappear in the sunset
While the pan-democrats were always criticised for doing nothing constructive, the pro-Beijingers are even worse - they can't even do anything, either constructive or destructive. The reason that the pro-Beijingers were perceived as capable because they made no mistake by doing nothing...
It sounds like the reporter would have been a better politician with his fairly balanced inquiry, whereas the real politician was an emotional wreck over her own miscalculation. A sad day for Hong Kong! I was right to immigrate and leave the farce the behind.
She has done her best , and she has worked hard for HK with her heart, I know she will be fine...