Hong Kong man spends HK$400,000 on helicopter wedding proposal and more

August 1, 2015

Hongkonger Victor Tang asked his girlfriend of just more than a year to marry him in an elaborate wedding proposal which included a helicopter flying over Victoria Harbour with a banner saying, "I love you! Stephanie BB, will you marry me?". Tang also booked a suite at Hong Kong's Ritz-Carlton to help him carry out the task. (Photo: SCMP's Edward Wong)

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Congratulations and Good Luck for the future.
knowing HK girls, she probably demanded all of that and then forced him to lie about it and pretend it was his idea for the press.
He could have saved the money for water filters for their new overpriced flat.
Congratulation! I could understand that he loves her but I thought that he could be a bit more creative rather than just throwing money away. She wanted something "uncommon like booking a restaurant". I would read that as not "necessarily expensive". By spending HK$400,000, he actually is tagging a value on her and on "love", which is supposed to be "valueless". I think it is rather silly for her to accept the proposal now that she knows she is only worth HK$400,000 in his eyes. Anyway, just a casual and passing comment and none of my business. To me, it is just "puppy love" at best but in real life, this type of "blind but pure" love could go a long way...surprisingly to pay for the money spent...wishing well and happiness to the "really young and immature" couple!
WOW!!!! amazing reporting by SCMP
surprised that this could become a piece of news
So much like a drama...
I heard he spent all the wedding money on the helicopter and now they eat instant noodles for their wedding feast.
And why not, instant Noodles is also novelty, exciting.
Its a staged proposal. Here is the 'Pre-Wedding" photos video, posted on Vimeo 2 months ago