What do people in Hong Kong think about the 'stand still and don't walk' escalator campaign from the MTR?

August 31, 2015

Since August 17, the MTR started its latest campaign to have passengers on the escalator to “stand still and don’t walk”, but when we asked people what their idea of escalator etiquette, everyone said it was best to stand on the right.

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Ridiculous. The MTR's efforts run counter to Hong Kong's long-standing social practice, a practice that works well. The Head of Operating didn't show how people walking on the escalators caused accidents. He acknowledged some people are in a hurry and need to reduce every minute, but then in the next breath said "why not wait?" as if people aren't busy.
Where is the evidence that standing still is safer or better? Unless there's some evidence that there's some actual problem caused by people walking, it's actually better to let people short on time move faster if they want. There is no benefit to asking them not to walk. And if people stop standing on the right due to this campaign it will create a friction that wasn't there before.
The MTR would be better off asking people to pay attention to their surroundings rather than their phones while in transit.