'Mainland government should send a clearer message over missing Hong Kong booksellers' says Legco President Jasper Tsang

January 13, 2016

Legislative Council of Hong Kong President Jasper Tsang spoke to SCMP.tv regarding missing booksellers. The booksellers, who specialize in books which are banned in mainland China, are thought to have been taken across the border by mainland authorities. 

"If it appears that the relevant authorities on the mainland are not responding poperly, then the SAR government should go up to the central government in Beijing and ask for help," says Tsang.

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Jasper Tsang's comment is on-point and fair. His statement summarized what most of us are thinking. Hope the authorities in SAR and Beijing will pick up the pace to get to the bottom of this and stop the cover up.
Jasper Tsang stands out from what is mostly a sordid gang of position seekers and shoe shiners, as one of the few pro-Beijing politicians with any integrity or moral courage.