Video from above showing policeman being knocked down: Mongkok protest over street food sellers

February 9, 2016

One of Hong Kong’s busiest districts was in virtual lockdown this morning after a night of violence which saw the police open fire with two “warning shots” as protesters launched missiles and set fires as a crackdown on illegal street food hawkers escalated into what some witnesses described as a ‘riot’.

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Hong Kong prides its rule of law but when it did not enforce the rule of law to its fullest extent with the violators of Occupy Central, it descended into a land of rule of lawless and rule by mobs and outlaws. This is the consequence of weak political leadership of Leung, who for political expediency, thought a lenient treatment of the outlaws would cool heads. The court also bears a responsibility as it essentially let even the violent violators go free. The social and economic costs caused by these violators are huge for Hong Kong but none for the violators. Until there is a legal cost and consequence for the law breakers, until the Hong Kong Police is allowed to do its job to restore order with the tools and weapons at its disposal, Hong Kong will have to live with these violators and put up with their violent acts and antics.
Play this video over and over again for the next 365 days ! Let all HK people realize who are the criminals and who are the victims in this video!!!!
Mong Kok (Hong Kong) riots due to health crackdown on illegal street vendors.
The first 2 days of every CNY, many illegal hawkers open temporary hawker trolleys all over Hong Kong. I used to able to eat the infamous smelly taufoo in North Point in the cold winter of CNY. Police leave them alone as it's an auspicious occasion.
This year due to health reasons they crackdown on them, which unfortunately triggered an ugly reaction. But this lawlessness must be condemned. Hopefully these rioters can calm down from doing 'monkey business' for Hongkongers to enjoy the 2nd Day of Chinese New Year Fireworks at 8pm.
Kung Hei Fat Choi.