Hong Kong marks 2nd anniversary of 'Umbrella Revolution'

September 29, 2016

Hundreds of Hong Kong pro-democracy supporters with yellow umbrellas hold three minutes' silence outside the city's government offices to mark the second anniversary of mass protests challenging Beijing.

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I happened to be in Europe at the time of the Umbrella movement. The public display I encountered there in solidarity with the demonstrations in Hong Kong was legal, peaceful, dignified, respectful and articulate. That was prior to the arrival of and meddling, disruption, agitation and confrontation by street toughs and anonymous and bandana masked anarchists and trouble makers at the demonstrations in Hong Kong. It was sad to see the occupy and umbrella movement hijacked, sabotaged and misrepresented by opposing and/or irresponsible competing factions here in Hong Kong. I recall having posted comments on news and social media websites warning Hong Kong pan-dems not to meet with and become involved with progressive left U.S. politicians like Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid at the time. They are no less treacherous and self-serving than CCP hardliners and they are far more deceptive and deceitful.