Former Hong Kong leader Donald Tsang in custody

February 21, 2017

Former leader of Hong Kong Donald Tsang was held in custody on Monday pending sentencing for his corruption conviction over a luxury apartment in mainland China intended for his retirement.


come on... Donald is as guilty as ever. has he placed his brain in the toilet bowl. greed is in that man. renovation cost of 3.3m is for free.. greed again. don't be so stupid. tax payers money paid his salary. he is no big shot. he worked for the people. he deserve at least 5 years in total. silly to accept such petty sum
The rule of law is not a math formula. The court listens to debate, check the facts, then calculate the sentenced jail time. It is not always that stright. We know the judges have to take into their consideration of social effects of the verdicts. And it is popular in most countiris to reserve final decision to the chief governors' prodence. One case in HK history is the Madame HU of Sing Tao paper. The then CE of Hk Mr. Tung decided to stop the presicution process of Mm HU, for the reason of public wellfare. Tsang should be punished in some measure, but jail term should be coutious. It would impact the large civil servants team, and not every one in Hk would feel good.
He should not be the only one in prison - the whole gang should be with him.