Jackie Chan: I have ‘never thought’ of winning an Oscar

March 7, 2017

Jackie Chan received a lifetime achievement at the Oscars last November, he reflected on the win on the sidelines of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC). Apart from being a top film star, Chan is also a member of CPPCC, China's top political advisory body. (Photo by Simon Song)



Be honest to yourself and the public of your own record on whether you have been a role model. Clarify the rumours and gossip if you have taken sexual advantages with your female co-stars and whether you are closely involved in business with the triads.
"I have 'never thought'..."---nor have we, Mr. Chan. Don't fret about the possibility.
Its Ok Jackie.. we'd never thought you'd won either.
Just as well given that were never going to be nominated for one. My kitchen table isn't as wooden as you.
Well you better keep it that way. Donnie Yen just entered Hollywood and he has already starred in big titles, proving his worth as a 'marital artist'. As for you Jackie? You've been doing nothing but monkey movies in Hollywood. Just shows that if you have a different attitude and mindset, life can be so different even if you are in the same field.
Why? Jackie your the greatest actor know to men! Ur an inspiration to many young men who has excess energy, fighting and jumping around.
On acting he wouldn't.