Former lawyer dons boxing gloves to start a social enterprise

May 5, 2017

Anne Chen Wai-yui, a former lawyer gave up her stressful job and found an interest in Thai boxing.

She’s now a boxing instructor and started a non-profit business to teach young people from the grassroots families. The activity has helped her learn a lot about Hong Kong from her students.

(Photo: SCMP's Dickson Lee)


I love this story. both for the fact that a HK Chinese can embrace muay thai, and her courage to walk away from the corporate rat race. All of these Westerners have be doing in the past 20 years to regain a healthier lifestyle. furthermore, she wants to give back to underpriviledged youths. Wish more HK'ers did this rather then chase after a promotion which they would never get anyway...
Shakespeare said "Let's Kill all the Lawyers". I guess Ms Chan wisely made her getaway.
oh come of off it...your cliche is misplaced. Ann's story is full of hope as it is so rare for HK'ers to see beyond corporate accomplishments. So with her accepting muay thai, (which few HKs embrace as a sport) and giving back her corporate experience to young people makes this a wonderful story. Stop misusing metaphors when it is inappropriate...