Merkel: Refugee influx will transform Germany

September 8, 2015

The influx of migrants can change Germany in a "positive" way, Chancellor Angela Merkel reassure Germans as the country deals with thousands of refugees fleeing conflict.

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This Vedic astrology writer had , some months back, predicted in comments recorded in South Morning China Post that the migrants-refugee issue would grow fat and complex in the days to come in 2015. This is just to refresh readers. The issue has brought German Chancellor Angel Merkel and German people she is heading to the frontline of global scene - a ray of hope in today's perspective has emerged. The other day this writer saw a German woman engaged in handling reception of refugees on their arrival in Germany , was in tears. It is not so easy to have tears for strangers. So this writer can say - if world wants to sight divinity- spirituality-Godhood - they must see it in Germany.
Congratulations to Angela Merkel for being the first to accept refugees in such a generous and welcoming way. It will be a huge logistical event and a heavy financial burden, particularly after supporting the East Germans . It is a credit to her for taking this on.