Oscars 2016: Highlights from the 88th Academy Awards

February 29, 2016

Church sex abuse drama "Spotlight" takes "Best Picture" Oscar, "Revenant" director Inarritu wins second year in a row. (Photo: EPA)

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Does anyone truly think Leonardo Dicaprio deserves an Oscar for rolling around on the ground grunting for an incredibly long time in the incredibly boring equally long Revenant? Yes he got roughed up by a very unconvincing digital shag carpet too, in fact it looked like the shag carpet was intent on doing some shagging itself. Humped by a muppet and given an Oscar???!
Just another reason why the Oscars are considered the least important awards of all even if they're the most glitzy.
Of course truly outstanding acting and characterisation like what we got from Michael Keaton, Mark Ruffalo, Rachel McAdams get nothing. Even winning best film it looked like "Stoplight" was just a last minute addition to the done deal that Revenat would take everything besides......how do these Americans so consistantly get this so wrong?
Wrong best actor award yet again, and wrong everything as far as Mad Max, Fury Road is concerned??!! Car chase, one long boring car chase!.......Was everything so incredible, make up, sound......I honestly cant remember, I fell asleep then woke up hoping things had got better and unfortunately was dissapointed by the second half too, it was just the first half in reverse.