Outgoing WHO chief Margaret Chan defends her legacy

May 23, 2017

The World Health Organization's outgoing chief Margaret Chan defends her legacy, insisting the world had become better prepared to face health emergencies like Ebola on her watch.


euro/american white centric countries never liked any colored person(s) who would not follow the neo liberal tag line.
congratulations to Ms. Chan for completing a successful tenure and the nomination of a brother from the African continent to continue the work.
ugly old chan was doing the work of communist china. The worst WHO chief ever.....
@ugly alberto.thunder
I understand you hate all Chinese in this planet earth.
Your hatred is worse than ISIS, that was trained by US warmongering Senators/Vendettas/just name a few.
ISIS found that they had been used, and turn/become enemy of US. One day you will be the one too.
Margaret did well!!
Good job! Nothing spectacular, but the job is not and does not need anything high profile but just good solid monitoring and housekeeping.